2018 Ford EcoSport vs. Toyota RAV4

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2018 Ford EcoSport for Sale

Let’s See How These Two Vehicles Compare

Safety and Reliability

Though people often compare the EcoSport and the RAV4, the Ford EcoSport for sale in Leavenworth comes standard with several safety features that are absent in the Toyota RAV4.

Standard in the EcoSport is Sync technology that uses a cellular system along with a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver to provide specific driving directions and to send emergency personnel to the scene of an accident if the airbags deploy. The RAV4 has no GPS system and no live response in case of emergencies. If you have an emergency, the EcoSport will get you help quickly while the RAV4 might leave you stranded.

J.D. Power and Associates’ 2018 Initial Quality Study found that overall Ford vehicles are better in initial quality than Toyota vehicles. J.D. Power and Associates’ ranks Ford fifth in initial quality while it ranks Toyota 19th with fifteen more problems than Ford per one hundred vehicles. Moreover, with over two times more Ford dealers as Toyota, it will be much easier to get the necessary services and repairs with the EcoSport no matter where your travels take you.

Performance & Exterior

Although offering similar engines, the Ford EcoSport in Leavenworth dealerships now boasts slightly higher miles per gallon on the highway and in the city than the Toyota RAV4, helping you to save money on gas. For those drivers who want to lower their carbon emissions, the EcoSport has an environmentally friendly design meant to help reduce pollution. When the vehicle stops for traffic or stoplights, the engine automatically shuts off, reducing fuel consumption and pollution. The engine automatically restarts when it is time to move again.

Another way this model combats pollution is with the new capless fueling system that now comes standard. The capless system is just what it sounds like; the fuel filter opens and closes automatically when the driver inserts or removes the fuel nozzle. Not only does this reduce fuel evaporation, but it also makes it more difficult for people to siphon gas from your car. It is easier to use for people with arthritis, missing digits, and other impairments. An EcoSport will also never drive away with its fuel cap dangling, forgotten.

The EcoSport also includes several safety and fun features that are missing from the Toyota RAV4 such as electric power-assist speed-sensing steering, towing w/harness, automatic full-time four-wheel drive, and front and rear anti-roll bars.

There is no competition between these two vehicles when it comes to the exteriors. The Ford EcoSport comes ready for adventure with a full roof rack installed and a large cargo space for all of your gear. The folding rear seats stow away to create a larger cargo area and can combine with a false floorboard so that you can take even your largest items on the road.

The rear hatch is designed for easy loading and unloading with a left side hinge with rear swing gate for easy opening in short spaces and on curbsides. The EcoSport is designed with versatility in mind with over twenty-five cubbyholes and storage bins tucked throughout the interior.

Ford EcoSport boasts a two thousand pound towing capacity, which is five hundred more pounds than the RAV4. The RAV4 SE is not recommended for towing at all which restricts the types of adventures the RAV4 SE can handle. Along with better towing capacity, the EcoSport is also over a foot shorter and weighs three hundred to four hundred pounds less than the RAV4 making it easier to maneuver in traffic or when parking in close quarters and especially when parallel parking.

Interior and Styling

While both vehicles come standard with features like power windows and manual tilt/telescoping steering column, the RAV4 has a few problems like the power mirror controls that are mounted on the dashboard behind the steering wheel instead of the door where they are out of reach for a seated driver. On the EcoSport, these controls can be found on the armrest where they are easy to reach and manipulate.

Both vehicles have dual zone climate control but only the EcoSport comes standard with heated front seats and an optional cold weather package that includes a heated steering wheel. The EcoSport also offers remote start technology so the driver can start the car and let it warm up (or cool down) without ever going out into the weather. The RAV4 does not come with a remote start option even as an add-on.

Technology & Features

Both models offer Apple CarPlay and floating seven- or eight-inch display panels. However, only the EcoSport offers Android Auto standard on the Titanic model. This model also comes with the FordPass app, which allows the driver to connect the vehicle to a smartphone and manage the car’s systems remotely. In addition, standard on the Titanium model is B&O Play, a 675-watt audio system boasting 10 speakers and a subwoofer. With the Ford EcoSport, you can drive in style while enjoying your favorite music with a quality sound system.

When it rains, it doesn’t always pour. That is why the EcoSport’s standard addition of variable intermittent windshield wipers is such a great feature. They have an adjustable delay so that the driver can pick the setting that clears the windshield during light rain without constantly having to adjust them because they are going to fast or not at all. The RAV4 comes standard with fixed intermittent wipers, which with only one fixed delay setting mean the driver never has to switch the wiper speed. This standard feature on EcoSport allows the driver to focus on what matters in bad weather – the road and the cars around him – not his windshield.

The EcoSport delivers function and style with great standard features, safety elements, and extras as well as a better quality rating from J.D. Power and Associates. Combine this with the fact that the EcoSport is about $4,000 less than the RAV4 and it’s easy to see why for many drivers, the Ford EcoSport is the clear winner in this race to the top.

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