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The new 2019 Ford Explorer is the SUV that every Kansas family needs if they want to get out of the minivan rut. This SUV gives you all the features that you are looking for with the reliability of a Ford engine on your side. It gives you a luxurious feel but it’s also packed to the brim with ruggedness. It’s an SUV that has a foot in both the family and fun car worlds, but it doesn’t fail to straddle that line between form and function.

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If outstanding performance is a must-have in your next vehicle, then the 2019 Ford Explorer is the SUV that fits the bill. It has an optional all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive that takes it over those twists and turns that one may find oneself in on the family camping trip. No matter what engine choice you make in this beast of an SUV, you will find yourself with more than enough power to make it through any sort of weather. When adding in the turbo charge option, the off the line acceleration is unexpectedly impressive. The engine in this Explorer constantly surprises and delights without sacrificing quality for frills.

It handles like a champion whether cruising down the highway, on the trail for camping or winding the way to the PTA. Smooth acceleration and easy handling make this SUV an unexpected sleeper for the win. No longer does one have to confine one’s family life to a mundane minivan. The 2019 Ford Explorer is here to whisk its owner off to a life free of cookie-cutter vehicle choices.

Trim Levels

If customizing the car is something that gets the imagination motor running, then the Explorer is going to get all cylinders firing. Even the base model has style and comfort with a fantastic entertainment system to occupy the kids on those long road trips to see the family. Ford is all about letting the vehicle speak to who the family is and gives you many options to choose from to get that accomplished.

It all starts with the engine packages. There are so many to choose from that it boggles the mind a little. One nice feature for those who are trying to live life more environmentally friendly is the EcoBoost engine. Choosing this engine does not compromise performance but everyone can breathe a little easier knowing that they are being kind to the environment at the same time.

If you were scared that something so stylish wouldn’t be up to the task for hard work, you would be mistaken. The 2019 Ford Explorer has a base towing capacity of 3,000 pounds while there is an option with certain engines to get this up to 5,000 pounds. For a frame of reference, the average bass boat is between 1,500 and 1700 pounds in weight.

Each different trim option adds a little to the price but what is gained in price will be more than equally rewarded with features. A few dollars tacked on the price tag will give the family heaps of enjoyment as they ride in style and comfort in this SUV. The 2019 Ford Explorer price starts at a little over $32,000 and ranges up to almost $55,000 depending on the options that are added to the base model of choice.

Exterior and Styling

When you think of the Ford Explorer, you possibly conjure up an image of the classic Ford Explorer that made a name for this vehicle. In the 2019 version, the designers don’t stray too far from the classic. One can almost hear the makers at Ford thinking, “why mess with perfection?”

The engineers have taken the classic shape that everyone knows and loves but made it even sleeker than before. There is now a more rounded look and feel to the body style. It gives an inkling of the power and grace that is under the hood and inside this stylish SUV. It evokes the nostalgia of the bygone Explorers but hints at the future without looking over the top.

With so many color options, there is sure to be one that suits your style. It has great ground clearance, which is so important when you are going places that a minivan or car just won’t make it. The Explorer manages to find the sweet spot of being at just enough height to keep you on the trail and out of the body shop but not so much that you feel like you need a ladder to get in.

Interior and Tech

The 2019 Ford Explorer doesn’t skimp when it comes to features. Imagine cruising down the road not just seats that are in leather but seats that massage. It is almost a mini spa experience all wrapped up in a sleekly rugged package.

Even if all three rows of seats are left in place, you aren’t going to be hurting for cargo room. 2019 Ford Explorer will give 21 cubic feet with the rows in place. If the second and third rows are dropped down, that number jumps to a staggering 73 cubic feet of stuff. This is the SUV that makes moving homes without a truck an easy reality.

If technology options are vital to your vehicle choice, the Explorer doesn’t disappoint on that front either. It begins with a very nice 4.2-inch infotainment screen. There are some packages that really ramp that up ending with an amazing eight-inch touchscreen. It can also connect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Each of those features is going to make the long hours that American families spend in the car just fly by, as the kids are entertained in the back rows.

For years, the downfall of the typical SUV has been the noise in the cabin. In some cases, it sounded like a small jet taking off each time the engine turned on. That is not the case with this beauty of a vehicle. Riding in the 2019 Explorer is a dream with a lack of engine and road noise. Gone are the days of blasting the radio just to cover the whine of tires meeting the road. Now, blasting the radio is for the pure enjoyment of the fantastic sound quality from the superior sound system.


When it comes to safety, Ford is no slouch. The manufacturer isn’t willing to compromise on the safety of its consumers just to save a few bucks. With seven airbags and the option to add even more, the 2019 Explorer gives the owner the feeling that Ford really cares what happens to the people that buy their products.

Imagine the feeling of safety, being in a vehicle that will pre-charge the brakes in the event that a potential crash is imminent. Or how about one that will adapt the way the cruise control is running for each driving condition? The 2019 Ford Explorer for sale in Leavenworth does it all. The 2019 Explorer is also rated Good by IIHS safety testing (the highest possible award), which gives one peace of mind knowing how rigorous those tests are.

This SUV is one that will not just surprise the consumer but delight them. It is simple and unassuming but leaves one blown away with the quality of its features and options. It gives you the freedom to go from PTA parent to wild adventurer in the same afternoon. It doesn’t break the bank and puts the consumer in charge of what kind of SUV they want to roll off the lot with. With all the options that Ford gives you when it comes to customizing the 2019 Ford Explorer, it is assured that each and every Explorer driver is going to get an SUV that speaks to them and their needs.

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