2019 Ford F-250 vs. GMC 2500

March 29th, 2019 by

2019 ford f-250 super duty

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Heavy hauling trucks are some of the most powerful vehicles on the road, and Ford’s 2019 F-250 is no exception. GMC has a heavy truck of their own of the same class called the GMC 2500, but which of these two trucks is the better choice? All new vehicles have the allure of novelty and the latest bells and whistles, but which of these trucks have better features? That is the question that can only be answered by putting these two trucks side-by-side so let’s see which truck stacks up to be the better choice.

Fuel Economy & Performance

Ford has become known for its pickup trucks. For over two decades, Ford has honed its craft and its quality workmanship shows in the 2019 Ford F-250. The latest version of the F-250 is about 100 pounds lighter than the previous model allowing it to be that much more fuel efficient. It’s 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine puts out 440 horsepower and offers 15 miles per gallon. The towing capacity of the 2019 F-250 is 15,610 pounds, roughly the weight of three F-250s.

The GMC 2500 comes with a 6.0-liter V8 that is slightly smaller than the F-250. The GMC 2500 puts out 360 horsepower, which also about 80 horsepower less than its Ford counterpart. The GMC 6.0-liter V8 guzzles a bit more gas than the F-250 and only offers about 13 miles per gallon. It also has a slightly lower towing capacity at 13,000 pounds. You can still do some major hauling with a GMC 2500, but you won’t have nearly the power and towing capacity of the 2019 Ford F-250.

Smart Features & Media

Working long hours on the road can be tedious and most truck manufacturers know this. This is why they have made an effort to bring the same options and media centers to their truck lines that you can find in sedans, vans, and crossovers.

In fact, despite the low the 2019 F-250 price it comes with some helpful features that make life easier both inside and outside of the truck. The tailgate step with step assist for example is a class-exclusive integrated tailgate step which makes it easier than ever to access the bed. Both the step and handle can be stowed when not in use. The 2019 Ford F-250 also has rear seat storage and flat load flooring that hides the items you store beneath the seat.

The 2019 Ford F-250 also has up to seven cameras that enhance visibility for on-site tasks. Among these cameras is a high definition 180/360 degree camera that can display all sides of the truck for enhanced visuals. This helps drivers keep an eye on the trailer or payload behind them and is especially useful when backing up and parking.

When it comes to the tech inside the F-250, the truck is equipped with FordPass Connect, Ford’s proprietary in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot with 4G LTE powered by AT&T so you have a stable internet connection wherever you go. It powers the built-in navigation and eight-inch SYNC 3 media center.

The GMC 2500 is not without some handy features of its own including an expandable folder tote insert for the storage console, all-weather floor mats, all-weather floor liner, and under seat storage. The GMC 2500 also comes with an eight-inch-diagonal GMC infotainment system with navigation. The GMC 2500 also comes with battery chargers, a three camera trailering system, and a single front camera. It is also capable of having its own hotspot with an optional 2.4G wireless Wi-Fi system. To make trailering a bit easier, GMC also offers a pintle hitch or hitch ball mount, seven-way trailer wiring electrical adapter, and an optional fifth wheel as a backup.

Style & Dimensions

Ford has mastered the truck body style throughout years of subtle alterations to what it is today. Complete with four doors, the 2019 Ford F-250 is one roomy truck with a length ranging from 232 inches to 266 inches depending on the model. The F-250 is also 80 inches wide, and 78 inches to 82 inches tall. This is one big truck but it isn’t too big that you won’t be able to fit it in most garages or shops.

The bold and boxy style of the F-250 is simple yet modern and doesn’t feel dated. A chrome grille, door handles, and front bumper makes for a stylish appearance and it comes in a variety of colors including Oxford White, Magma Red, Ruby Red, Agate Black, Race Red, Magnetic, Blue Jeans, Ingot Silver, White Platinum, Stone Gray, and Silver Spruce.

On the other hand, the GMC 2500 has a simpler body style with less pronounced angles and fewer contours. It offers a much plainer body style than its Ford counterpart. The GMC 2500 measures from 222 inches to 237 inches, a great deal shorter than the F-250 meaning there is less bed space and passenger room. The GMC 2500 is 70 inches wide and 74 to 96 inches tall. The one dimension that the GMC 2500 beats the Ford F-250 at his height, otherwise all other dimensions go to the Ford F-250.

The Winner

Choosing a truck can be overwhelming, but just remember, the more time you spend researching and comparing features like these, the higher the likelihood you make a choice that you won’t regret. Get the truck with the most power, style, and value, which in this case according to 2019 Ford F-250 reviews is certainly the Ford F-250.

The other features offered by Ford are far more focused on making life simpler with important trailering features, several more cameras than the GMC 2500, and a body style that won’t age. Whether its 10 years or 20 years from now, the Ford F-250 for sale in Leavenworth will still stand out as being one of the most powerful and stylish trucks on the market. Test drive the Ford F-250 today.