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SUV lovers can rejoice: Ford now has even better SUV options after the brand-new redesign of the 2020 Ford Escape.

As well as making several changes to the interior, engine, and hybrid capabilities, the Ford Escape looks like it went to the beauty parlor and stepped out looking like a new person – er…we mean, a new car with a more prominent personality.

Whether you’ve been interested in the Ford Escape since its release twenty years ago, or whether you’re committed to making a change in your eco-footprint, the 2020 Ford Escape has many new tricks up its sleeve designed to bring customers more from a hybrid SUV.

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Here is Zeck Ford’s official overview of the 2020 Ford Escape.


A closer look at the vehicle’s capabilities reveals just how much farther it has come along than many other SUVs in its class. The base price for the Escape starts at $26,080 – which includes a slew of upgraded technology and interior options. It has a 41 MPG combined EPA rating and front-wheel drive with an available 4WD upgrade.

There are a few transmission options, including the eight-speed automatic transmission and continuously variable transmission. As far as horsepower, the base model comes standard with 181 HP from a 1.5L engine. Upgrade options include 250 HP from a 2.0L engine, and 200 HP from a 2.5L engine, which can handle up to 2000 pounds in towing capacity.

Changes in Looks

The Ford Escape has had such a glow-up that it is hardly recognizable next to its predecessors. Lower to the ground and sleeker, the Ford Escape still has its own, unique SUV look, but has given up some of its former boxiness to look more like its competitors, like the Subaru Outback. It’s sleek and aerodynamic design does not mean that driver and passengers have to give up their comfort on the interior, however. The car has gained a little bit in width and length, keeping comfort while completely redesigning the way that the car looks.

We owe the Escape’s extreme change in looks to Ford’s customer service team. Ford recently stopped U.S. production on its lines of cars, other than the Mustang. While many were comfortable with this decision, since the brunt of American Ford buyers are focused on SUVs and trucks, some consumers missed Ford’s lines of sedans. The Escape is now smaller and lower to the ground, like a car, which gives consumers more options other than their typical SUV or Truck designs. Indeed, it even has quite a few car-like qualities. However, in terms of its abilities, it is still 100% an SUV.

Space and Comfort

The former Ford Escape was a hit for many reasons. However, it was especially lauded for its space and comfort. Unfortunately, its boxy nature not only left it lacking in the looks department but also compromised its MPG rating. Redesigning the SUV for aerodynamics and performance was a must, as it is something that all SUVs in its class are doing. However, it also meant that Ford would have to think differently about how it would make up for taking away some of the car’s height.

Luckily, this was easily remedied by increasing the width of the SUV. The 2020 Ford Escape seats up to five people and has surprisingly good cargo and passenger space. It measures 37.5 cubic feet with the rear seats up at its base model. It has 40 inches of headroom in the front seat and just under forty in the back seat. Legroom in the front row reaches up to 42 inches, and 40 inches in the back seats. Additionally, the back row has plenty of space for passengers to sit comfortably – 53.3 inches of hip room and 56 inches of shoulder room.

Powerful, Capable Engine

It’s not common for many SUVs to have the capability to tow a large load. Yet, for such a modestly-sized SUV, the Ford Escape has a decent towing capacity and a towing upgrade option. Base models can tow up to 1,500 pounds. Purchase one of the upgraded towing options, and it’s possible to tow up to 3,500 pounds – enough for a small boat, trailer, or another minor load. This is all thanks to the EcoBoost engine, which also provides the car with its 7.7 second 0-60 capacity.

Hybrid Options

The Ford Escape was the first hybrid SUV ever released, so it is well-known for its hybrid capabilities among those who are interested in hybrid technology. The 2020 Ford Escape now has two SUV options rather than one. Now there is the choice of hybrid assist technology or a plug-in option for a fully-electric hybrid. Ford has always been an innovator when it comes to electric SUV technology. Our hope with the plug-in hybrid is that the future of automobiles will be green.

Driver-Assistance Technology

It’s the 2020s, and if the past decade has told us anything about cars, it’s that the technology coming out of the auto industry can change the safety of drivers now more than ever. Because Ford believes in making a safer and more efficient world for its customers, we have established necessary driver-assistance technology a standard in all our cars – and the 2020 Ford Escape is no different.

All Ford vehicles come standard with Ford Co-Pilot 360, which helps drivers with pre-collision braking, blind-spot information system (BLIS), adaptive cruise control, rear-view camera, lane-keeping system, and more.

Easily one of the most exciting safety technology upgrades is a premium feature – the Ford Escape’s “heads up” display. This display is a small screen that pops up behind the driver’s steering wheel to alert the driver about necessary information without their having to take their eyes off the road. Although this is only available in the Titanium package, it is one of the ways that Ford is taking their cars into the future.

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