2023 Model Custom Order Banks Are Opening!

August 29th, 2022 by

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Let Your Kansas City Car Dealership Help You Design a Custom-Order Ford For Your Next New Car

Finding a new car isn’t always a black-and-white, clearcut process. Sometimes you can’t quite find the combination of features you want. And with so much advancement in design, technology, and performance across the automotive industry, it is harder than ever to find a car with all of the specific things you want. Combine that with supply chain issues that can hinder certain vehicles from meeting demand and it can feel impossible to find that perfect new car.

That is where custom ordering comes in. Custom ordering has started to be more of a priority for Ford because it allows customers to get the car they want, down to the specific color, trim, levels, packages, features, and other factors. No need to shop at all the dealerships near you only to find that nobody really has what you want. Save time and money and custom order online through our Kansas City car dealership, Zeck Ford.

Why Custom Order at Zeck Ford Dealership In Kansas City?

Custom ordering through your favorite Kansas City car dealership is about more than just getting a car that looks and functions how you want. When you work with us to custom order your vehicle you’re getting many benefits:

  • eamless Process: The custom-order process for your new car can be completed 100 percent online by you. You can have full control from start to finish.
  • Money Savings: When you custom order, you’re almost guaranteed to get the best deal possible from a price standpoint. The tag price is usually less than MSRP, and the average cost for those models on our lots. Combine that with the different model discounts ($2,500 off MSRP for custom F-150s, $1,800 off MSRP for custom Explorers, and $1,000 off MSRP for custom Escapes), and it starts to make sense why more people are checking dates for custom order bank openings.
  • Priority Shipping: Custom orders take priority over other shipments at Zeck Ford, so we make sure you get your car as fast as we can possibly get it for you.
  • Customer Service: When you place a custom order with us, you will have a personal shopper reach out to you, even if you order online. This is to make sure everything is confirmed correctly, and you are comfortable with the process.

When Can I Custom Order My 2023 Model New Car From Ford?

To keep the process organized and fair for all, Ford only takes custom orders for each of its models once the “order banks” have opened for the model year. This allows for more streamlining of requests for each model and allows you to know exactly when to be prepared.

Wondering when you can order your custom new car in your favorite Ford model? Here’s all the dates you can start ordering custom 2023 vehicles from your Kansas City Ford dealership in 2022.

Model Date
F-150, the classic Ford truck Jul 18, 2022
F-150 Raptor R, an off-road beast Fall 2022 (No Official Date)
Ranger, Ford’s signature compact truck Jul 18, 2022
Maverick, the new hybrid compact truck America already loves Aug 16, 2022
Mustang, the original pony car Sep 19, 2022
Mustang Mach-E, an SUV upgrade to the classic sports car Aug 15, 2022
Escape, a popular compact SUV Sep 19, 2022
Edge, Ford’s midsize SUV Jul 18, 2022
Explorer, a signature midsize SUV Aug 11, 2022
Bronco, the GOAT throwback SUV returning for another model year Aug 15, 2022


The great news is that many of the models already have open order banks and are ready for custom orders right now. You don’t have to wait if you’re looking for models like the Ranger, Edge, and Bronco. Order today, and let us get the process started for you.

Custom Order Now With Your Kansas City Car Dealership!

Zeck Ford is the best place to go for your Kansas City Ford needs! We strive to make your new-car-buying process easy and fast.

To place your custom order, visit our webpage for custom builds. Then, click the “Build My Ford” button. From here, choose the model you’re interested in, looking for the green leaf icon for models with a hybrid, PHEV, or electric powertrain availability. You will then customize the trim, powertrain, color, and packages. Once you review your custom order, talk to a personal shopper to learn more about delivery and deposit.

Prefer to see what we have in stock? No problem! See our full inventory online, or stop in and experience it for yourself at 4501 S. 4th St., in Leavenworth, KS.

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