3 Reasons to Buy a New Car Online This Holiday Season

October 31st, 2022 by

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Your Kansas City Ford Dealership Makes It Easy to Find the Perfect Ride

The thought of driving a new car is exciting, but in reality, the excitement can quickly be replaced with other emotions during the car-buying process. If you’ve purchased a new car before, you understand that it takes immeasurable time and energy from start to finish.

Between shopping different dealerships near you for options, seeking financing, and appraising trade-ins, the process can be daunting. Now, add in the fact that the holiday season is fast approaching and along with that comes higher demand and more crowded dealerships of shoppers looking to take advantage of holiday deals for themselves or lucky gift recipients.

When you put it like that, shopping for a vehicle seems scary and probably makes some people hesitate to hop in. We’ve got good news! Zeck Ford, the premiere Ford dealership in Kansas City, has provided customers with a much more modern, simple, and convenient way to buy their new car: completing their purchase online, even during the busy holiday season.

Buying your new car online allows you to avoid many of the common pain points of the car buying process like pushy salespeople and crowded showrooms. Why not complete the majority of your purchase process from the comfort of your home?

Let’s take a look at some other benefits you get by opting to purchase online from your Kansas City Ford dealership during the holiday season.

1. How Convenient Is Buying a New Car Without Leaving Home?

As we alluded to above, convenience is the most obvious benefit of buying your car online. You no longer have to drive to a dealership near you to join a crowded building of shoppers who are all fighting for the attention of the same aggressive salespeople that will ultimately try to pressure you into buying a car that is not perfect for you or is out of your price range.

How many hours did you spend in dealerships when you bought your last new car? We bet you had plenty of ideas of what to do with that time. Just like you can shop online for your holiday gifts, you can buy a new car online from a reputable dealership, too.

2. Utilizing the Internet Can Help You Narrow Kansas City Ford Options

When you’re shopping online as opposed to inside of a dealership, you have the power and depth of the Internet at your service. Using the Internet, you can do a wide search for the best and most relevant options to you. The Internet can be helpful to the buying process in many ways as it can help undecided shoppers shop options and narrow their preferences as well as help focused drivers locate the exact car they want to test drive.

When you’re inside of a dealership, you’re limited to the options they offer to show you and it’s much harder to have other vehicles at hand to compare to and gather additional information. You can be a much more informed and prepared shopper when you’re shopping online because of all of the information available to you.

3. Explore More Financing Options Than Just the Ones at Dealerships Near You

When you’re shopping inside of a Ford dealership, you are limited to the financing options that the dealership can offer you. When you are shopping online, you have the opportunity to utilize outside services without disrupting the car-buying process or taking time away from the personal shopper’s desk.

The good thing about financing online is that you can easily compare multiple lenders and interest rates to determine which one works the best for you. This allows you to bring your own financing to the dealership and not be confined by their limited options.

Of course, at Zeck Ford in Leavenworth, Kansas, we partner with multiple local and national lenders to secure you the best financing options – and we can do that for you online, too.

Take Advantage Of Our Seamless Online New Car Buying Process This Holiday Season

Skip the lines and chaos this holiday season and work with Zeck Ford on a new car fully online. Start with shopping our inventory on our website to see what options we have to offer.

If you prefer the old-school method, we’re still here for you! Stop in and visit us at 4501 S. 4th St. in Leavenworth, KS, and we’ll be happy to give you the best customer service you’ve ever had while buying a new car. We call it the Zecksperience.

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