6 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Ford Truck Fans

September 30th, 2022 by

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Ford Truck Drivers Will Appreciate These Gifts This Holiday Season

Some Ford truck owners can be hard to find gifts for. It can help to know what other truck lovers appreciate to narrow down gift options for those people who are impossible to shop for. We’ve put together a list of gifts that these people in your life will appreciate and get genuine use out of.

1. Their Ford Truck Needs a Cargo Stabilizer Bar

While this might be hard to wrap unless you get a little creative, a cargo stabilizer bar would be a very useful and meaningful gift to a truck owner. Help them prevent their cargo from shifting and sliding as they drive..

2. Trucks See A lot of Action, So Heavy Duty Floor Mats Will Help Your Loved One Keep Theirs Clean

Car cleanliness is valued differently by different people, but most people can agree they don’t like stepping on the cloth floors of a truck with water, snow, mud or other debris on their shoes or work boots. With this handy gift, your loved one can protect the original floors of their truck with durable, and easy to clean floor mats.

Make sure they are all-weather and heavy duty for the best performance and most utility for your loved one.

3. Every Truck Owner Needs an Emergency Roadside Kit

While not the most exciting or groundbreaking gift, a roadside kit could be the most useful gift your loved one has gotten in a long time.

Tools like jumper cables, air compressors, jacks, ponchos, flares, first-aid materials, and much more can be found in these kits. Truck owners would hate to be stranded without any means of helping to resolve the situation, and your loved one doesn’t have to if you buy them an emergency kit.

4. A Magnetic Phone Holder Can Make Your Loved One’s Truck Safer To Drive

You can find phone holders that mount to air vents or other areas in your car, allowing the driver to have easier viewing of their navigation and media. Most people aren’t thinking about purchasing or wanting a car phone mount, but once they get one they can’t live without them. Help keep your truck driver safe on the road with this stocking stuffer, especially if their truck doesn’t have the new, huge built-in touchscreen infotainment system!

5. A Truck Bed Tent Comes in Handy in the Great Outdoors

If your loved one enjoys spending time outdoors in the wilderness or camping, a truck bed tent is a perfect gift for you to give them. Use this cool tool to turn the pickup bed into a portable place to sleep or hang out, off the ground.. Your loved one will have everything they need ready to go for their camping trip with this awesome gift idea!

6. Gift a Windshield Cover to Help Your Truck-Loving Recipient Combat the Elements this Winter

Defrosting and scraping windshields to clear snow and ice is not fun. Surprise your friend with a windshield cover that protects their windshield from the elements and allows them to hop in their car in the winter without the extra maintenance.

They simply apply the cover to their windshield for the snowstorm, and remove it when they’re ready to drive away.

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