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You’ve probably heard other dealerships say that they’re different than their competition before. It’s common for car dealerships to advertise because they want to show that they connect with their customers for the long term. Most dealerships genuinely do want to establish this connection with their customers. The difference between dealerships that actually make the connection to their customers and ones that cannot comes down to whether they can provide a valid distinction from their competition.

Zeck Ford’s distinction? We provide our customers in the Kansas City area with the Zecksperience—an all-encompassing car buying experience that puts the customer first. At the core of the Zecksperience are our fundamental values: best prices, fast service, and quality vehicles. Everything we do revolves around these critical values and distinguishes us from our competition.

Let us show you the difference between your average car buying experience and the Zecksperience.

The Zeck Ford Dealership and Our Zecksperience

The Zecksperience revolves around our physical dealership. That’s why we keep our best models out for you to look at, why we greet you with a smile, and why you’ll never wait too long in our waiting rooms. But the Zecksperience also extends to our website and customer service lines. Regardless of where you run into us, you’ll receive the same excellent treatment.

The Zecksperience is the consistent, customer service we provide to everyone who visits our car dealership. It was created after fostering relationships with some of our long-term customers and learning about what they were looking for from their interactions with us. We came to understand that the traditional car sales model was all wrong. It focused too much on the needs of the dealership and too little on the needs of the customer. It was more about selling cars than it was about committing to give our valued customers a trustworthy partner they could turn to when buying a vehicle. We sought to change that and came up with the Zecksperience standard.

How is Zeck Ford Different from Other Car Dealerships?

You can go to any dealer and see a selection of new and used cars and trucks – and you’ll find that at Zeck Ford, too. However, applying our values to our interactions with our customers is really how we stand out from the competition. What we do makes us different. Here are some of our quintessential values.

Zeck Ford works to save you money. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you quality vehicles at the best prices. That’s why we don’t rely on local auto auctions to get our inventory of quality used cars. Our professional team of buyers combs the entire country for the best quality and most affordable vehicles available to source truly good prices, which we are able to extend to our valued customers.

We also don’t spend a lot of money on expensive radio and television ads, so we take that savings and pass it onto you. On average, our customers save more than 10% compared to other car dealerships in the Kansas City area.

Zeck Ford saves you time during the car-buying process. We give our customers the ability to complete preliminary vehicle research, cost comparisons, financing options, and trade-in valuations online. After choosing a vehicle from our online inventory, we can have you out the door in no time by pre-preparing paperwork before you arrive. Zeck Ford also offers 100% online or phone purchases, and you have the option of having the vehicle of your choice shipped straight to your door.

We ensure all our vehicles pass a rigorous 120-point inspection. First, we only select the best quality pre-owned vehicles to sell at our dealership. We make sure each one is safe, reliable, and the best value you can get with our 120-point inspection. Before we make a vehicle available for purchase, we make sure it meets our high standards. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t even see our lot. Our view is that if it isn’t good enough for us, it certainly isn’t good enough for our valued customers.

We are a no-haggle dealership. Let’s face it—rarely anyone enjoys haggling. Yet, when popular television shows or movies feature a car salesperson, the scene almost always features some sort of haggling. Why? Many auto dealerships (even some mainstream dealerships) still participate in markups and haggling tactics. When you come to Zeck Ford, you never have to worry about haggling down a price. We always price our cars fairly, based on the market standard, and don’t employ commissioned salespeople driven by profit. Instead, our personal shoppers help you find the best vehicle for you, at our great prices.

Zeck Ford Is Your Choice for New and Used Cars

Like other car dealerships, we offer both new cars and used cars. Our inventory of new vehicles are fresh out of Ford factories for the new year, complete with the latest features, models, and trims. If we don’t have it, we can get it for you.

However, we also carry a wide array of used cars and trucks—and the quality of these most certainly set us apart from our competition. Our used cars, trucks, and SUVs undergo rigorous inspections before we bring them to our dealership. You can count on all the vehicles at Zeck Ford lot to meet our high standards of quality.

Where Can I Find Zeck Ford Near Kansas City?

Zeck Ford is located in Leavenworth, Kansas—just a quick drive from Kansas City. Find us at 4501 South 4th Street, near the intersection of Muncie Road.

If you’d like the full Zecksperience at our Ford dealership, visit or call us at (844) 645-5448. You can also set up service for your car, talk to a car salesperson, or speak with someone in our body shop over the phone. You can also buy a car from us completely online, with delivery to your door. We look forward to meeting you and showing you the difference between a stereotypical dealership experience and the Zecksperience.

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