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Your Questions, Answered, by Our Experts in Leavenworth, Kansas

Do you rely on the little sticker on the inside of your windshield to remind you of when it’s time to get the oil changed in your car? That’s pretty common! But did you know why it’s important that you stick to a regular oil-change schedule?

Our Zeck Ford Quick Lane technicians can answer any questions you have about oil changes — but here are a few common questions we hear from our valued customers at Zeck Ford, the area’s best Ford dealership!

What does motor oil do in my car?

Motor oil lubricates your vehicle’s engine parts to reduce friction. Additives in the oil stabilize the thickness of the oil when the environmental temperature changes. These same additives also help break down debris within the engine and protect it from corrosion, wear, and damage.

What is the purpose of an oil change?

Your vehicle’s motor oil must be changed regularly so that it remains effective. As you drive your car, the motor oil begins to break down. As it does so, it is less effective at its main jobs: lubricating the engine and absorbing heat. We change the oil in our cars before the oil breaks down and causes problems.

What are the different types of oil?

Motor oil comes in quite a few varieties. The type you use depends on what the manufacturer recommends for our car, as well as how old your car is.

There are four types of motor oil:

  • Synthetic Oil
  • Synthetic Oil Blends
  • High-Mileage Motor Oil
  • Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is most often recommended for most vehicles with “simple engines,” that is, likely not sports cars that require a more high-performance oil.

High-mileage motor oil is formulated for older vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer (although 75,000 miles on a car is hardly considered high-mileage by today’s standards). Special additives in high-mileage oil reduces oil burn-off and can help prevent oil leaks.

Synthetic motor oil is a chemically-engineered compound with uniformly-shaped molecules, so it performs better at temperature extremes. Synthetics tend to be recommended for high-performance engines.

Synthetic-blend motor oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oils. It helps your engine resist oxidation better than conventional oil, but isn’t as expensive as full-synthetic.

In addition to these motor oil types, they’re also further categorized by their viscosity, or resistance to flow. Thicker liquids have higher viscosity than thin, runny ones. Always refer to your owner’s manual for guidance on the motor oil type of viscosity to use, which may change by season of the year.

What is synthetic oil made of?

A great question! Synthetic oil is man-made of artificial chemical compounds, generally with a distilled crude oil base. Synthetic oil was developed in 1929 and used during World War II. Synthetic oils improved in the 1970s during the American Energy Crisis when oil stocks were low, and it was costly to purchase.

How often should I really get an oil change?

How often you change your oil depends on factors like:

  • The way you drive (aggressively, responsibly)
  • The age of your car’s engine
  • Where you live
  • The type of motor oil you use
  • How much you drive

Most mechanics still recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Using synthetic oil may allow you to drive longer between oil changes. It is perfectly safe to go 5,000 miles between oil changes, as long as you aren’t frequently driving at high speeds, or live in an area with temperature extremes or excessive dust in the air. (On the Kansas plains, we recommend being careful and opting for oil changes every 3,000 miles.)

Where should I get an oil change in Kansas City?

You can find many local businesses that perform oil changes near you. Most mechanics will change your oil for a reasonable fee, and dispose of your used oil for you.

If you want to maintain your vehicle’s maintenance records, you might choose to bring the car you bought from Zeck Ford back to us for regular oil changes at our Ford Quick Lane®. We’ll record your oil change history on your account with us and associate it with your vehicle’s VIN number. This will build a maintenance history that can be valuable should you ever need to prove that you’ve taken very good care of your car, perhaps when you trade it in to buy a new car for sale at our Ford dealership.

What is included in an oil change at Zeck Ford, near Kansas City?

Our Ford Quick Lane technicians not only change the oil in your car, but they also check over other components to help keep your car running. General maintenance can keep your car on the road for longer, like:

  • Changing cabin air filters
  • Refilling tires with air and checking tread
  • Quick brake exams to ensure safety and check on condition
  • Clean your windshield and check your windshield wiper blades
  • Check all fluids
  • Lubricate chassis components

Before our oil change is over, you’ll understand what upcoming maintenance you may need to have performed on your vehicle in our service department, such as coolant flushes, tire rotations, and repairs.

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