Benefits of Buying a Used Ford


Every buyer has to mull over the decision of whether to buy a new Ford or opt for a used one. Each choice has its own set of merits and demerits. We have compiled a list of factors that you should consider before making a decision. The guide below will help you achieve your desired Ford purchase objectives.


There are several advantages of buying a used car when compared to a buying a brand new one. The biggest factor to consider is the value that you will lose on a new car. Car manufacturers constantly churn out newer models that can cause as much as a 19% decrease in the value of the car on a yearly basis. A used car, on the other hand, retains its value far more efficiently as it has come to you after the reduction in value and any subsequent trades do not cause such a drastic loss of value. Used vehicles also carry lower insurance and registration costs.


Why Buy Used?

  • Purchase Price: Research reveals that most consumers seek to purchase the latest products that can cost far more than their older counterparts. Older cars have already experienced a reduction in cost and tend to offer better overall value when compared to newer models.
  • Better Selection: Newer cars tend to have limited options and trim levels. It is surprising to see how wider your options become once you decide to look into used cars. The options and selection of models are virtually endless in older cars, as you have many more makes, models, and trims from which to choose.
  • Operating Costs: It is a common myth that newer costs less in the long run due to the higher maintenance costs of the older vehicles. The reality is far different. Older cars carry less insurance, registration, and purchase costs, keeping the overall cost to own and maintain a vehicle pretty low. If you are looking for value, then going for an older car is a far better option.
  • Fewer Hassles: There is a lower risk of theft with older cars. New cars also put psychological pressure on owners to keep them safe and sound. It is common for all cars to experience minor dints and scratches in the course of their lives. Therefore older vehicles offer better peace of mind as the owner is able to somewhat relax.

Certified Pre-Owned Fords

In addition to all of the above aspects, if buyers select a used car that is a Certified Pre-Owned Ford, they are guaranteed to get a far better deal. Certified Fords have to undergo 172 different points of inspection before they can be sold. Such strict checks ensure that consumers get the best possible quality. CPO (Certified Pre-owned) cars also come with the added benefit of 24-hour roadside assistance and a variety of warranties.

The inspections concentrate on the following areas:

  • The vehicle's history, former maintenance, and ownership,
  • Safety and performance-related road tests,
  • Complete and thorough examinations of the interior and exterior feature,
  • Engine check and maintenance.

Warranty Coverage

  • There is a limited warranty on more than 1000 components.
  • There is a limited engine warranty for 7 years or 100,000 miles.

All the above checks and other quality assurances ensure that you get the best maintained and best condition vehicles on the market. The added security and warranty protect your investment in the long-run.

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