Best Tire Brands of 2021 For Sale in Kansas

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buying new tires in Kansas City

Buy New Tires with Our Low-Price Guarantee at Zeck Ford

Most people wouldn’t go out of the house barefoot. You wear supportive shoes or footwear that complements your outfit. Your vehicle should be no different. Quality tires that properly fit your vehicle help to keep you safe while driving and provide a smooth ride.

For high quality, all-season tires, consider these top picks from respected brand names on our list – which we consider to be some of the best tires of the year. If it’s time to buy replacement tires, the service center at Zeck Ford can help you pick them out, get them installed, and get you down the road in no time at all. And with our low-price tire guarantee, you know you’ll never overspend without having to waste hours researching tire prices near you. Simply schedule service online, and we’ll do the rest.

Yokohama AVID Ascend Radial Tires

If you’re looking for improved fuel economy with your new tires, Yokohama is actually well-known for it. The company claims you can achieve up to two miles per gallon more when you install these tires on a sedan. They also get great traction regardless of weather conditions – although they aren’t as effective as a snow tire in wintry weather.

Despite their relatively narrow width – just six inches – they’re still durable and earned a UTQG rating of 740AA. An asymmetrical tread pattern and tread pitch variation minimize road noise. Varied widths in the grooves of the tread push water through to decrease risk of hydroplaning.

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport AS All-Season Radial Tires

Designed for crossover SUVs and light-duty trucks, these tires are meant to improve overall performance and get incredible traction. Four grooves around the circumferences of each tire lets water exit, and the high-angle lateral slots make them even more effective. Symmetric tire treads give more resistance should your vehicle shift sideways around tight corners, which improves handling in wet road conditions.

The Dueler H/P Sport has earned Bridgestone’s Eco-Product designation, which means they’re made of more environmentally-friendly materials than other tires. They also can help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, which is good for the earth, too.

Michelin Pilot Sports A/S 3+

A low profile, steering-responsive tire gives you superior handling. Originally designed for high-performance sedans, these tires work great on your vehicle, even in extreme temperatures.

These Michelin tires feature the Helio-plus tread compound, which actually improves traction in snow, even though they aren’t snow tires. An asymmetrical tread pattern gives lateral grip, even at highway speeds, and they last about 45,000 miles!

Hankook Ventus ST RH06 Tires

These tires designed for SUVs and light trucks are meant to last 50,000 miles and give you a quiet ride. A v-shape design in the treads leads to good handling on both dry and wet roads.

A computerized ply line development extends the life of the tires and keeps the treads from wearing too quickly. While they may not perform as well on icy conditions – they aren’t snow tires, after all – the unique rim protector built into the tire can prevent unsightly scratches, if that’s a priority for you.

Pirelli P Zero Nero Tires

For medium-sized sedans, sports cars, or coupes, these Pirelli tires are ideal for the warm summers and wet winters of the greater Kansas City area. You can expect them to last an average of 45,000 miles before they need replacing.

Equipped with a steel twin belt, these tires are tough and durable. A polyester-cord-covered internal structure and foam layer in the inner liner suppresses road noises quite nicely, too. Pirelli tire owners can expect decent wet traction, thanks to circumferential and lateral channels in the treads, which push the water through.

Cooper Tire Evolution Tour 98T All Season Radial Tires

Like the Bridgestone Dueler, these Cooper tires have four circumferential grooves, with ribs and grooves that give the best possible traction on the road. They come in several sizes, so you can find a set to fit your vehicle.

Soft sidewalls give a smooth ride, and the 3-D micro-gauge siping improves performance when braking, accelerating, or cornering. You might also find that your vehicle is more fuel efficient with these Cooper tires.

Get the Best Tire Brands in Leavenworth, Kansas at Zeck Ford

With brand-name tires comes the promise of quality. Get quality replacement tires at Zeck Ford on South 4th Street in Leavenworth. And with our low-price tire guarantee, you’ll never find that you’ve overpaid for tires.

If you see a tire we carry advertised elsewhere at a lower price, we promise to beat that price. And if you buy tires from us, then see the same ones advertised elsewhere for less within 30 days, we’ll refund you the difference.

At Zeck Ford, we have 13 major tire brands, including Michelin, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Hankook, General Tire, Bridgestone, Kelly, Firestone, Yokohama, Pirelli, and Uniroyal. If you’re not sure which are right for your vehicle, just give us a call at 844-645-5448. We have decades of experience and are always happy to help.

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