Keys for a Successful Journey While Towing

February 26th, 2018 by

Whether you’re traveling with your trailer to a long-distance vacation spot, or visiting a local fishing spot and hitching your powerboat, it is absolutely necessary for you to be prepared for a safe journey when you are towing an item. You must take the necessary steps to ensure that not only your vehicle is well equipped for your towing experience, but that you also have knowledge of what it takes to have a successful journey while towing.

Make sure you reference the towing weight capacity of your vehicle, which can be found in your user manual. Also, ensure that any trailer hitch you install is compatible with your type of vehicle. It’s a good idea to double check on your trailer lights, making sure they are fully functional for the safety of vehicles behind you as you are driving on the road. For even weight distribution, first load your heaviest items, making sure they are securely tied down, and that your cargo weight is evenly distributed. Another important tip is to ensure that your towing weight is proportional to your vehicle’s weight capacity, to avoid an accident.

Here at Zeck Ford, we care about your safety and the success you have during all of your planned trips and journeys. Visit us in Leavenworth today, and let us ensure that your trips will always be a success with the right vehicle choice!

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