Car Buying Made Easy

Value-Based Pricing

A question that is raised frequently is regarding the reason why our prices are lower than all other competitors.

Actually, the reason is quite straightforward. We wish that whenever you buy your next car, it should be a really convenient and enjoyable experience for you. This helps in saving your time that would otherwise be spent on making negotiations with the dealership to get a fair bargain.

Even from the earliest stages, we make the most sincere efforts from our side. Our market research allows us to ensure, in advance, that the customer gets the maximum value in the deal. We achieve this by having a team of buyers who look for the best cars throughout the length and breadth of the country. They search markets in all parts of the country instead of looking for only locally available stocks. Numerous cars are studied in depth by our researchers to check for the appropriate cars with the right pricing so that you can enjoy the benefits of the savings.

A Straightforward Process

We have faith in a car buying process that is forthright and clear. To make sure that you are able to make the most accurate choice while buying a car, we provide you with all the details in advance. You can be sure that the best price will be offered by us. You need not worry about any hidden charges coming up while completing the purchase; we will let you know clearly about our finance rates. You can be assured of a trouble-free and convenient experience while purchasing the car, due to our openness.

120-Point Inspection

We subject every vehicle to an extremely thorough and careful inspection based on 120 points so that it matches up to the high-quality standards set by Zeck Ford in Leavenworth, KS. Each car is assessed completely so that you can depend completely upon the next car that you buy from us. The following is a list of some of the areas that are reviewed and inspected by us in depth:

  • frame/body
  • glass/ mirror/wiper & washer condition
  • interior trim/carpet/floor mats
  • audio/alarm systems
  • exterior lights
  • seats
  • sunroom/moonroof/convertible top
  • airbags/seat belts
  • interior amenities
  • luggage compartment/ trunk/truck bed
  • window/door lock operation
  • engine mechanical condition
  • cooling system
  • fuel system
  • electrical system
  • exhaust system
  • suspension
  • steering
  • brakes
  • …and more!

Vehicle History

We give a free CarFax and AutoCheck history report for all of our vehicles. You also a get a report on any problems observed and corrected by us as a result of our thorough inspection. We provide complete details honestly about the vehicle. You can be sure to know everything that we know!

Benefits of Shopping at Zeck Ford

You can shop comfortably online on our neatly designed website. It is a specialized online service for your Leavenworth and Kansas City dealership. The featured inventory is displayed on the home page itself. You can browse through vehicle specifications and current offers. You can narrow down your choice by applying several specification filters like color, model, make, style, price range etc. You can see the appearance of the vehicles by looking at their photographs.

You can find out about new inventory and newly featured specials in the ‘New Inventory’ section. You can even get a quick quote. Information on your trade-in and a model showroom featuring various Ford models is also available on the site.

The pre-owned menu has options for getting a quick quote in this category, shopping for pre-owned models, see used specials, assess your trade-in and using ‘Zeck to Zeck transfer service’ so that if a car is not available at a local store, you can still it get there via transfer from another store. You have special sections for new vehicles and pre-owned vehicles. Special vehicles in both new and pre-owned categories are also featured on the website. The website offers navigation links for pre-qualifying for finance by filling in a form online, and also for evaluating your trade-ins. You can request any type of service and specific parts online. Different types of tires are also available. You can apply for a certified service. A separate ‘Owner’s section’ is also available. The website also displays contact details, hours, map information, and staff details.

No-Commission Sales

It is usually a norm at almost all car dealerships that salespersons get commissions proportional to the profit earned by the dealership in sales transactions. In most cases, the salespeople bother only about the money they would make in a deal rather than thinking about which car would be ideal for you and hence they may force you to buy a car that may not be right for you.

This is not the scenario at Zeck Ford. We look for skilled and cordial persons who strive to make your car purchase a very convenient and pleasant experience, instead of the usual salespersons, who are after selling cars with maximum profits.

We do not pay our team commissions in proportion to the profit they make, but they get bonuses that depend on how satisfied the customers are. This implies that their emphasis is on helping you to choose your car effortlessly and in an enjoyable manner. In our opinion, the term ‘personal shopper’ is more suitable for them.