Common Misconceptions About Your Car’s Air Conditioner

May 5th, 2021 by

car air conditioning maintenance

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Our Kansas City summer is heating up, which means it’s time to turn the air conditioner on to rid our homes and cars of humidity and to stay cool.

And just like your home’s HVAC system needs maintenance, it’s a good idea to have your car air conditioner looked at on occasion to ensure it remains in good working order.

When you bring your car to the Zeck Ford service center for a tuneup, we’ll examine your car’s cooling system and help you decide what you should do to take care of it. When you rely on our professional technicians at our service center, you know you’re getting the best care possible for your vehicle. Our techs will answer your questions, like these common ones, and more.

Do I need to top off my car’s A/C refrigerant?

Unless you have a leak, you should never need to refill your refrigerant unless you have a leak somewhere in your car A/C system. It is truly a closed system. If you have a leak, it’s important to have it repaired quickly.

Engine oil, however, is the exact opposite. You will need to add oil to your car because the oil is used to lubricate the working parts of your car’s engine. It makes sense, then, that oil gets used up over time.

Can’t I just add refrigerant myself?

Please never add refrigerant to your car’s A/C system by yourself without guidance from an expert. Why? If you don’t have a calibrated machine to tell you how much refrigerant your system needs, you could easily overfill the system, which can cause much more expensive damage.

Most modern car air conditioning systems use 16 ounces or less of refrigerant, so the likelihood that you need to add much at all is slim. If you can’t precisely measure what you’re putting in based on the fluids already in your system, you run the risk of creating seriously big problems. Leave it to the pros; you’ll actually save money.

Can I add “Stop Leak” to my car A/C unit?

Our Ford service center will never recommend pouring in a sealant of any kind, because it can actually do more harm than good to your cooling system.

Air conditioning units, both at home and in your car, require clear passages in the coil and condenser to work properly. When you add a sealant, which by nature forms clogs, you risk closing up these very important passages.

Surely the whole system isn’t broken! Can’t I just replace the one part?

The best answer is “sometimes.” It truly depends on which component is broken. However, most of the time, when one part of your car’s air conditioner begins to fail or fails, it requires a whole new system to be installed.

Car air conditioners are quite sensitive; damage in one area can cause damage to other components, so you’ll have your car back in the shop later to replace the remainder of your system anyway.

Isn’t it better to have the entire system repaired and drive away once, rather than come back in again and again to piecemeal your fixes?

Is it true that my car A/C quickly burns a lot of fuel?

Yes, running your air conditioner is a surefire way to empty your gas tank more quickly than normal. Especially if you drive on short trips, your air conditioner can decrease your car’s fuel efficiency by 25 percent.

Choose to park in the shade when running errands so you don’t have to turn your A/C on quite so high to cool off when you get back into your vehicle.

If you have a vehicle with a large interior, like a three-row SUV or a minivan, you have more vehicle interior to cool, which means your A/C has to work a little harder than one in a smaller car. Consider this when choosing to operate your air conditioner on hot days, especially if you want to save money at the pump.

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