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Dealer of the Year 2020

Each year, Dealer Rater holds its annual “Dealer of the Year” Awards. Saying this award is a big deal is an understatement – it’s highly sought after in the dealership industry, and it is a crucial indicator of how well a dealership treats its consumers. This highly-anticipated car dealership award title examines how dealerships across the United States and Canada provide an integrative car-buying experience.

But it’s not just any dealership that can qualify for this award. To be eligible for the Dealer of the Year Award, a dealership must pass specific qualifications. These include:

  • Having at least 25 reviews on Dealer Rater for the calendar year.
  • Having at least a 4.0-star rating on Dealer Rater.
  • Having one review per quarter at minimum each fiscal quarter.
  • The dealership must not have been blacklisted in the past year.

In other words, dealerships must meet rigorous demands that address their ability not just to sell a car, but to make the car-buying experience worthwhile for their customers.

Zeck Ford is excited to have met every one of these qualifications. We are also happy to now be considered the Dealer of the Year by Dealer Rater.

Here’s a little more about the award and what we did to earn it.

About Dealer Rater

In the early days of the internet, car sales were still mainly being made in-person. However, car sales entrepreneurs were always looking for ways to utilize the burgeoning internet for their advantage (and the convenience of customers). That’s where Dealer Rater came into play.

In 2002, customers from every industry were starting to use the internet to rate people in their industries as well as find the best places to shop. So, Dealer Rater was set up that year as a way to find the best dealers in the business. Chip Greuter, the founder of Dealer Rater, set up the website after he had a particularly poor experience at a dealer. He found that there were no platforms that existed where he could voice his opinions about his car buying experience. He wanted to encourage other car shoppers to take ownership of their car shopping journey and avoid polarizing situations like the one he had encountered.

Since then, the website has grown from a platform to voice consumer concerns to a way to broadcast the best dealers in the United States and Canada. In December 2007, Dealer Rater started its Dealer Certification program and was able to certify its first dealership. In just over ten years, Dealer Rater received its 1,000,000th review in 2013, and reports have continued to flow in ever since. Now, Dealer Rater is connected with Automotive authorities across the United States and America, including Kelley Blue Book and JD Power and Associates.

Why We’re Glowing About This Award

Ford companies are no strangers to awards. Their innovative engineering, consumer service pledges, and more continue to foster secure connections between consumers and the company – relationships that have lasted for over a century.

However, as dealers, we commit to serve our customers above all else. The Dealer of the Year Award from Dealer Rater is vital because it represents the best that the auto dealership industry has to offer. We’re not competing against just any dealerships – we’re competing against the best in two countries. By earning this award, we are confident in our ability to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Important

Car companies pride themselves on their innovative car changes that focus on consumer issues. Ford, for instance, makes changes to its inventory, the looks, and the capabilities of cars based upon the needs and wants of their customers. As the face of Ford in Leavenworth, Kansas, we must uphold the same quality of connection to our customers that Ford’s manufacturing team does. We want Kansas residents to know why people come back to our Ford dealership year after year.

Customers have shown industries time and time again that they can make or break a company. Recent statistics show that companies lose close to 1.5 trillion dollars each year in revenue due to poor customer service. On the other hand, companies who consistently go above and beyond in their customer service capabilities outcompete other companies by as much as 8%.

Numbers aside, we believe that the most critical thing about customer relationships is that on each end of the experience, there are people, not numbers or sales. People should never have to feel as though their needs, wishes, and concerns are not being listened to. Instead of working on sales alone, we get to know and understand our customers in order to help them make confident car purchase choices. The goal of our sales isn’t to hit a certain number or to get rid of a type of vehicle by a specific date – it is to improve human experience with the help of our cars.

Our Commitment to the Zecksperience

Zeck Ford prides ourselves in our interactions with our customers, something we like to refer to as the Zecksperience. The Zecksperience focuses on multiple points of the buying experience, including our connection with the customer, our refusal to haggle or sell items to a customer that they do not expressly want, and our pledge to always put the safety and well-being of the customer first.

Each time you visit a Zeck location in Leavenworth or elsewhere, you can count on the same type of customer experience. We’re confident that our ability to connect to our customers is part of what helped us win the Dealer of the Year and Consumer Satisfaction Awards from Dealer Rater, and we hope that you can trust us to continue selling you the best cars in the area.

Are you in the market for a new or used car? See why we were given the Dealer of the Year award. Click here to schedule a time to meet with one of our salespeople, browse our inventory, and get the full Zecksperience the next time you are in Leavenworth, Kansas.

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