Fall Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Your Ford Truck or SUV

October 10th, 2022 by

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Don’t Leave Your Vehicle Unprepared For Cold Weather in the Kansas City Area

When you live in an area like Kansas City where fall weather hits hard and fast, you know the effects that cold weather can have on your vehicle. While there is no way to completely avoid these complications, you can take steps to prepare and protect your car in the fall and winter.

Minimize and potentially eliminate repairs this cold weather season by following this checklist to get your Ford truck or SUV ready for fall.

1. Tires

Your car’s tires are one of its most important parts as they support safe travel in the fall and winter by providing the traction and stability your car needs on frozen, snowy, and icy roads. Additionally, tires that are worn or inadequately inflated are a safety hazard and also negatively affect fuel economy and overall vehicle performance.

For the best evaluation of your tires, we recommend checking two things: tread depth and tire pressure. Both should be to manufacturer standards or replaced to meet those numbers.

Some drivers in areas that see long periods of cold and snowy weather opt to switch their tires completely in the winter time. Winter tires provide superior grip and traction to all-season tires, so it should be something you consider for the safest driving experience you can get.

The best Ford dealer near you in Kansas City, Zeck Ford, offers a low price tire guarantee that would help you save some money on a switch to winter tires as well.

2. Wiper Blades and Fluid

Visibility is vital to driving safely. After all, you can’t drive if you can’t see, and your windshield is the most important factor to that visibility. Windshield wipers and washer fluid are the only tools you have to clear your windshield while driving, so it is important to make sure both are there and functional when you need them.

Worn wiper blades won’t do a good job of cleaning your windshield, leaving streaks, spots, and smudges when used. Replace your wipers immediately if you are getting these results.

Additionally, transition your washer fluid to de-icer in the cold weather months to better handle the elements you may encounter, especially with Kansas City’s overnight freezes, snow fall, and sleet.

3. Heat

When you’re enjoying the summer sun and cruising with the windows down, it’s easy to forget about the heat in your car because it’s not needed until that first cold front hits, and you’re seeing your breath as you sit behind the steering wheel.

Don’t turn your heat on when it’s cold outside only to find out that it’s broken and you need to visit a Ford dealer near you for repairs. Check your heat periodically, even in summer, to make sure it is performing correctly. You’ll be ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

4. Brakes

When traveling on frozen and icy roads, having a good set of brakes is extremely important. For that matter, you never want to have worn-out brakes on your vehicle. Your safety depends on them.

Bring your truck or SUV to one of our skilled technicians in our Ford service center to have your brake system checked. You want to make sure all parts are in good condition including brake pads, rotors, lining, drums, and other components.

5. Battery

Just about any Ford SUV, truck, or car driver has had a cold morning or evening where they got into their vehicle, and it just wouldn’t start. The battery is often one of the first parts to let you know your car needs attention.

Avoid another cold, carless night by examining your battery connections and parts to make sure everything looks secured and free of corrosion. Additionally, if you have a battery that is older than three years, it is probably a good idea to replace it going into the fall.

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Ford Trucks, SUVs, and Cars On the Move This Fall

On top of the preparation for fall, your car should be serviced regularly and on-time, every time. Zeck Ford is the best Ford dealer near you, and when you bring your Ford vehicle to us, you can be confident that our Ford-certified technicians will complete all necessary maintenance tasks and leave your car better than we found it.

When you visit our Ford service center for maintenance, we make sure the following are checked:

  • Oil and oil filter
  • Belts and hoses
  • Engine air filter
  • Cabin filter (if applicable; some newer Ford vehicles do not require these)
  • Transmission
  • Windshield wipers and wiper fluid
  • Fuel filter
  • Power steering
  • Antifreeze or coolant
  • Battery
  • Spark plugs
  • Brakes

Schedule a service appointment online if you are needing that fall maintenance to get your car prepared.

Wanting An Upgrade Before Fall? Check Out Our Ford Trucks For Sale In Kansas City

Some people might be looking for something more from their vehicle going into the fall. If you’re looking for a new Ford truck, SUV, or car, check out our inventory online to see what we have for you.

You are also welcome to visit us at 4501 S. 4th St., in Leavenworth, Kansas, or contact us for help as well.

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