Hassle-Free Buying




Your Personal Shoppers

Dealership salespeople and sales staff in other Leavenworth car dealerships are typically compensated in commissions that depend on the amount of revenue the car in question brings into the dealership. In the interest of personal gain, these salespeople or staff will often persuade and convince you to purchase a car that is not the ideal car for you or not the best choice for you. This is not at all how we operate our business here at Zeck.

We’ve scoured the customer service industry for the most attentive and proficient staff that will concentrate on making your car buying experience as effortless and as enjoyable as possible.

We are able to ensure this happens here at Zeck due to our practice of compensating our sales staff dependent on customer satisfaction as opposed to the amount of profit gain on their sales numbers.

With this structure, you can rest assured that our staff will search for and identify the ideal car for you specifically, and do it with minimal effort from you. In fact, they are personal shoppers rather than sales staff.

Transparent Procedure

Honest car buying is our highest goal. You deserve to have all the data and information forthright in order for you to consider every detail before making any decision. Our finance rates are truthful and clear; when completing your purchase you will not incur or discover any hidden fees, and we offer the best bang for your buck if you will. Full transparency gives us the ability to make sure your purchase is enjoyable and easy with no uncertainty or discomfort. Honesty is the best policy and is our policy here at Zeck. We lay the facts out in front of you so that you have everything you need to know about your new vehicle!

Competitive Prices

We frequently are asked, “Why are your prices lower in comparison to other places?”

It is straightforward; we think that your experience should be effortless and enjoyable when you purchase your new car. We feel that it is unnecessary to use up hours of your time and our time in order to get a bargain. We skip the nonsense and we do this right from the beginning.

We have a specialized team of buyers that forage the entire nation to scout out the best vehicles. This team has access to the entire country’s marketplaces instead of being limited to just our local inventory. Our specialized researchers extensively scour through thousands of vehicles weekly for the right deals so that we will be able to pass the bargain on to you when you purchase your next vehicle with us! We put in numerous hours to find the prices we offer because it is important to us that you get the best deal possible.

History on Vehicles

A free detailed CarFax report, as well as a free AutoCheck report, are provided complimentary with each car. Any issues we have discovered and subsequently addressed during our intensive inspection are also listed out for you as well. Full transparency is imperative to our business, and a core belief here at Zeck. You will have peace of mind because if we know it, then you know it!

Extended Warranty

To provide you with additional peace of mind, we offer a free three-month or 1,000-mile extended warranty on our vehicles. We will fix and address anything that comes up or goes wrong with your vehicle, just bring it into us, we have you covered and taken care of! There’s 100% coverage on all electrical and mechanical repairs, no questions asked to you and no money from you, we take care of it all!

Problems that are due to or as a result of normal wear and tear as well as any cosmetic damage are not eligible for repair under the warranty provided. Back Lot Beauties (BLBs) are also not eligible for our warranty.

A 120-point inspection is performed on each and every one of our vehicles to ensure that your next vehicle is dependable. The components of our inspection are done on the frame/body, exterior lights, seat belts/airbags, interior amenities, interior floor mats/trim/carpets, glass/mirror/wiper and washer condition, and audio/alarm systems. We also inspect the trunk/truck bed/sunroof/moonroof/convertible top, seats, engine mechanical condition, fuel system window/door lock operations, luggage compartment, cooling system, exhaust system, electrical system, suspension/steering and brakes. Last but not least, we perform a comprehensive driving test on the vehicle.