Is the Ford Ranger Hybrid Coming to Kansas City in 2025?

December 16th, 2022 by

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Reports Indicate This Compact Ford Hybrid Truck Is Coming Soon

The emergence of electric and hybrid vehicles has swept the United States and the world. Every major vehicle brand is developing green options to release in the coming years. The release of yet another hybrid Ford truck has been one of the biggest rumors in the industry over the last couple of years; we already have the hybrid F-150 and the Maverick. But we now have word on the status of yet another new pickup truck for sale.

Reports have been confirmed that a new hybrid Ford Ranger is expected to arrive in 2025. Here are a few insights about it from reputable car bloggers we follow.

What Do We Know About the Ford Ranger Hybrid Truck?

The answer right now is “not much,” as would be the case with any pre-release vehicle. With the arrival of this new Ford truck still a couple of years away, we will have to wait for all of the details to know exactly what to expect. However, there have been some rumors and speculation.

International versions have started to make waves. Some Australian Ford enthusiasts believe they’ll see a PHEV on lots as early as late 2023. Car experts predict that American drivers may see a plug-in hybrid setup to pair with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. Additional details and features will surely start to be released as the 2025 expected release date approaches. Until then, the Blue Oval is keeping it under wraps.

However, in Spring 2022, a Ford program director mentioned that “electrification would play a major role for the next-generation Ranger.” It seems these rumors are less speculative and much more founded in fact.

Why Are Ford Trucks Going Hybrid or Electric?

Automakers usually go where they think the shoppers are going as they design and build new vehicles. In recent years, shoppers have started to seek out electric vehicles, and demand is rising. But why do so many people fall in love with electric or electric vehicles?

  • Less Fuel Consumption: Because electric options use no fuel (and their PHEV and hybrid counterparts use little fuel), they will always be more environmentally friendly vehicles in terms of fossil fuel consumption. Reducing your fossil fuel consumption helps lower carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment. Plus, you could potentially never have to stop at a gas station again.
  • Better MPG: In the case of hybrid trucks, electric energy supports the gasoline engine. The power that the fuel generates is then more efficient. Once you go EV, you can stop worrying about fuel economy altogether. Case in point: the Ford electric truck released last model year, called the Lightning.
  • Driving Experience: On top of the benefits of utilizing electric power, there is also an added performance factor to electric engines. These engines provide instant torque with smooth and responsive acceleration and deceleration. You also will see a difference in handling, responsiveness, and comfort due to a lower center of gravity of electric engines.
  • Convenience: With an electric car, gone are the days of driving around frantically looking for a gas station. Electric vehicles offer the convenience of “filling up” right at your own home. You always wake up to a “full tank” and you always know what it costs. And Ford hybrid trucks use so little fuel, especially when driving in the city, that you’ll find yourself at the gas station far less frequently.

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