Looking for a Ford Dealer in Kansas City? Look No Further.

July 16th, 2018 by

Ford Dealer in Kansas City

Zeck Ford, a Ford dealer in Kansas City, turns strangers into lifelong customers with personalized attention and the lowest prices possible for Ford vehicles.

At Zeck Ford, we pride ourselves with excellent service and low prices. How do we do this? We eliminated haggling from the car buying experience. Our salespeople do not work for commission, so they have no incentive to upsell or push cars that are not a good fit for the customer. We are just as excited as you are to find a great deal on a good car. We give it to you straight, and you can decide whether the prices are worth it to you – just like you would if you were shopping for new jeans or a bicycle.

Our salespeople are in no rush to sell you a car. In fact, we search all over for the lowest prices on vehicles. That means if you have a car picked out that is above your price range, our sales team will keep their eyes out to find that vehicle at a lower price for you.

Customers find shopping for a car at Zeck Ford to be refreshing and oftentimes don’t want to buy from any other car dealer afterwards. Zeck Ford customer, Lucia M., would agree. She said,

“This was my second time buying a car from Zeck and I am so happy I’ve chosen them for all my car buying needs! Purchasing a car can be stressful but Zeck always manages to make sure that your buying experience is always enjoyable and as easy as possible. There’s no pressure to buy and they want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. The attention to customer satisfaction is exceptional compared to other dealers and I would recommend Zeck to any of my friends and family!”

You can read Lucia’s review on Google here.

Searching for a new Ford or a pre-owned vehicle?

We save customers time and energy with our customer-centric online search tools. That way, you can start your search on your own time instead of dedicating a whole weekend to visiting car dealerships with cheap coffee.

Zeck Ford’s Internet Sales Team helps personalize the online search process, just as our sales team on the floor does in our dealership. We have 8 people (not robots, we promise!) dedicated to helping customers search for cars, find financing, and buy cars from Zeck Ford online, and we sell many cars and trucks online.

You can search by specific model, browse around, or even search by payment so you can stay within your budget. These search tools are easy to use and are designed with the customer experience in mind.

Our ChatBot puts you in touch with someone on our Internet Sales Team who has lots of training in the online car buying process and who can help you whether you are a first time buyer, someone looking to get their family a bigger car, or you are looking to buy a customized Ford truck or car.

If you find a new or used vehicle you like online, you can seamlessly schedule an appointment and we’ll have a sales representative ready to meet you with the car or truck. Check in with our finance team and if everything is in place, we can have you out the door with the keys to your new car or truck in 90 minutes.

Becky C., a valued Zeck Ford customer, saw our cars and their low prices online first and here is her story:

“I just have to say how awesome this place is. My husband and I actually flew from Florida to pick up our truck and road trip back. They even picked us up from the airport which was totally unexpected…Their prices were THAT GOOD! We hit some road debris a few months after our purchase and realized there was no key for the spare tire lock. They quickly and promptly rectified the situation for us. Our salesperson, Fran, was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I could not of asked for a better experience. We will definitely buy from them again. Totally worth the plane ride and the 1,264 mile road trip back.”

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Looking to trade in your old vehicle?

We make it easy to value your trade and set you up with the proper financing. To start, value your trade with our Blue Book Value Calculator online!

Tamatha G. traded in her old vehicle and here is her story:

“I purchased a new car today and traded in a vehicle I still owed money on. I was approved for the car of my choice with the help of a great employee, Jeff Bowlin. I truly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication he provided me. All other staff from the different stages of finalizing my purchase also were very helpful and courteous. The customer service there is above and beyond any other dealership and/or business, I have ever gone to. Zeck Ford is my # 1 choice!”

What about financing?

All the competitive Ford dealers in Kansas City help with financing – it’s great customer service. Just because they provide that service, does not mean it’s good. At Zeck Ford, our Financing Team is your auto loan and car lease resource. We assist people with all types of credit and can answer those often confusing questions (Lease or loan? How are loan rates determined? Etc.) with patience and straightforward answers.

With our online financing tools, you are just a click away from getting approved for car financing. Check out our tools here.

In addition, Zeck Ford has a top-rated Service and Parts Center. We take care of your vehicle from the moment you drive it off our lot. Our staff fixes up your vehicle and does routine work on it with a strong attention to detail. And we continue to work to find you the lowest prices on servicing, parts, and tires. See our Low Price Tire Guarantee.

This Ford dealer in Kansas City exists to put customers in the right vehicle and change the way people buy cars – happily. Check out Zeck for your next vehicle, you’ll be happy you did!