Quality Vehicles

Zeck Ford is the perfect place to purchase a quality vehicle at a fair price. We sell both new and pre-owned vehicles that come with our quality guarantee. You won’t find a better place to purchase a vehicle. Benefits of our Leavenworth Ford dealership include:

Thorough Inspection

Each and every vehicle we sell goes through a 120-point inspection to make sure that it fits our high quality standards. You can rest assured that any vehicle you purchase from us will be a reliable car. We inspect the following areas, among others – the brakes, the steering, the suspension, the fuel system, the exhaust, the electrical systems, the engine condition, window and door operation, the sunroof, the seats, the trunk, carpet and floor mats, alarms, the radio and speakers, interior and exterior lights, windshield wipers, mirrors, the body of the car, and we perform a driving test. If the car has a problem, we will find it. Most importantly, we will make sure to let you know of anything we find out!

Crash History

Along with our thorough vehicle inspection report, you will also receive reports from CarFax and AutoCheck at no extra charge. You will know everything there is to know about your new car’s history. There will be no surprises for you after your purchase.

Our Prices Can’t Be Beat

Wondering why are prices are so low? To put it very simply, we do not think that spending hours negotiating back and forth is a good use of anyone’s time. We choose to just give you a fair price from the very beginning. We research and buy thousands of cars from all over the country, making sure that we always get the best deals on the best cars. Since we get a good deal on the cars, it is only fair that we give you a good deal as well. We pride ourselves on selling only the best cars at the best prices.

Shopping with Zeck Ford is Easy

Our website makes finding a new car very convenient for you. You can browse from the comfort of your own home to get an idea of exactly what we have available and exactly how much it will cost you. You can save the vehicles that you are interested in viewing again and compare multiple vehicles to each other. You can also find information about financing and any specials we may be running. There is no rush, no pushy sales people, no secrets, and no stress involved in buying a car from Zeck Ford.

Truly Friendly Sales People

Most other car dealerships pay their workers a commission based on how many cars they sell and how much money they help the dealership to make. This causes the workers to pressure you into buying a car that may not be right for you just so that they can make money off you as a customer.

At Zeck Ford, there is no such pressure. We value making your purchase as easy and as stress-free as possible. So, instead of paying our employees a commission based on sales, we pay them a commission based on personal customer satisfaction. This ensures that your needs will always come first and that our employees will remain focused solely on pleasing you as a customer. There are no shady sales people here at Zeck Ford.

We Value Transparency

We inform you of our business model and everything there is to know about our cars from the very beginning. This transparent process gives our customers total peace of mind and trust in us. This is something that is absolutely necessary when making a big purchase like a car. You will never regret shopping with us.

Our Guarantee

Overall, you can be sure that buying a car from Zeck Ford will leave you satisfied with both your shopping experience and your new car. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service and for selling only quality vehicles at fair prices. We have something for everyone and all of our customers should leave us completely satisfied.