Questions You Should Be Asking Your Car Mechanic

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It’s inevitable that your vehicle will need a repair at some point. The car repair shop and mechanic you visit helps to care for your vehicle and keep it in the best possible condition. Choosing the right repair shop and mechanic, however, is absolutely crucial in maintaining your car, truck, or SUV.

The Ford service center at Zeck Ford in Leavenworth, Kansas, is staffed with Ford-certified mechanics who are ready to help you understand what your vehicle needs to stay on the road. To get a grasp on what you need to know about vehicle repair and maintenance, ask lots of questions of your mechanic. Here are a few you might want to ask.

What are my car repair options?

Many mechanical issues your vehicle may have could be resolved in a number of ways, including brand-new parts, refurbished parts, or repairs to existing parts, plus others. If your budget is tight, asking your mechanic to explain all your repair options can help you choose the version of the repair you can afford, either for now until you have the funds to perform a full fix, or as a permanent solution.

Ask lots of follow-up questions about each repair option. Inquire about durability of the part and the repair, and what you might expect in the future in terms of repairs. We recommend taking detailed notes so you can make the best decision for you, your vehicle, and your budget.

What car maintenance tasks should I perform for my vehicle?

A Ford-certified technician and Automobile Service Excellence (ASE)-certified technician should be able to describe in detail the tasks you need to complete at every stage of your vehicle’s life, in terms of age and mileage on the odometer. This maintenance plan was designed by your vehicle’s manufacturer to extend the life of your car, truck, SUV, or minivan.

Alternatively, you can find the full maintenance schedule for your vehicle in your owner’s manual or by performing an Internet search.

Do you honor a manufacturer’s warranty or extended vehicle warranty?

If you purchased your vehicle new or gently used, it’s possible you still have a factory warranty from the automaker. You also may have purchased an extended warranty, especially if you bought a used car for sale from your local Ford dealership in Kansas City.

If, even with these warranties, you choose not to bring your vehicle back to the dealership service center, or perhaps you’re away from the one you’d normally visit, you should always ask the mechanic whether they honor these warranties. If not, take your vehicle elsewhere! You’ll get the most bang for your buck – and save a lot of money – if you visit a car service center that performs warranty work.

Do you warranty your car repair work?

Quality mechanics and auto shops guarantee their repairs and parts for a certain amount of time after the repair is completed. Before you agree to repairs, ask your mechanic what their guarantee is for their work.

What does this car part do?

If your vehicle has been diagnosed with a problem, ask the mechanic to give you a rundown of what the issue actually is, which parts are affected, and what those parts are responsible for doing.

Car repairs are a wonderful learning opportunity for vehicle owners unfamiliar with mechanical processes. You can even ask to see the old parts that are removed from your car! This will allow you to have proof that not only was the repair completed, but to also see the “before and after” of what a car part or equipment should look like.

Do you charge a diagnostic fee?

Perhaps your car is making a strange noise, and you’ve asked your car repair shop to figure out what’s wrong. Or maybe your Check Engine light has come on, and you need your ASE-certified technician to run the code through the computer to find the issue. In both these scenarios, you’re asking for a diagnosis of your vehicle. Many repair shops charge a diagnostic fee – a set amount you must pay for them to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Diagnostic fees are very common, and they cover the overhead costs of equipment, plus your mechanic’s time and effort in coming to a conclusion about what’s wrong with your vehicle. Many car service centers post their diagnostic fee where it’s clearly visible. If you aren’t sure what your repair shop charges, be sure to ask.

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