Meet The Staff

You may have never seen this before... but that's the whole point! We're not your regular car dealership!
 Our entire staff is non-commissioned because the person helping you find the right car is helping you find the car you really want, instead of the one they really want you to buy... that means you win! It also allows us to price our cars far below market value and pass the savings on to YOU, the customer! It's all about the experience here at Zeck Ford. Our sales people work on a referral basis and we want you to be so excited about your buying experience that you'll refer all of your friends and family to our dealership for sales and service. 

100% Customer Satisfaction - That's Our Goal At Zeck Ford!
Check out our entire staff of Non-Commissioned salespeople, pick one and click their link to be taken to their personal website. You can still shop our entire inventory right there while you learn little about the people that work here at Zeck Ford.
 Relax - It's Easy... you might even have a laugh or two while looking through our pictures.

Brendan Dow

Jace Grabouski

Jason Hartwell

Gene Sirabella

Jeffrey Bowlin

Kyle Anderson

Rick Mears

Ryan Banks

Fran Weis

Steve Courter

Nick Nava

Buddy Siems

Cullen Lewman

Josh Fitch

Ol' Dan