Summer Car Maintenance: Common Problems And How to Prevent Them

August 15th, 2022 by

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Our Kansas City Car Dealership Doesn’t Want These Car Problems Slowing Your Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing! When we think summer, of course we think sun, fun, and cornflower blue skies. Something that often gets ignored is that the summer heat can put a strain on your car. Car owners can be in for a long, frustrating summer if they don’t know how to protect and prepare their car for high temperatures.

Don’t forget to inspect and avoid these common summer car problem culprits.


Though not exclusively reserved for the summer, tire blowouts can be a pain to deal with for drivers. Summer temperatures fluctuate and affect the air pressure in tires. Driving a lot on hot pavement also makes the tires weaker during the summer months. It is very important to keep tires inflated properly because without adequate pressure they can weaken in the heat and break down.

The best step to take to protect your tires is to keep an eye on your tire pressure weekly during the summer heat. This will make sure you are adjusting your tire pressure regularly to manufacturer recommendations.


The cold weather does a lot of damage to car batteries, but so many people don’t know that the extreme heat is also bad for your car battery. Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, work your battery harder than usual, weakening the battery and hurting the car’s performance in the process.

To make sure your battery is in the best condition, check the components on a regular basis to ensure they are intact and that air flow is adequate. If your battery shows signs of weakness, like slow or no engine crank, you probably need to head to a dealership near you to have it checked or replaced.

Air Conditioning

We all know how important air conditioning is in the heat of the summer. Many people would argue it’s the most important system in your car during the summer months. Having issues with your air conditioning is not only uncomfortable, but it also can be dangerous when the temperatures are at their peak.

The best way to avoid and anticipate issues with your AC is to check the fluids and electrical components on a regular basis. Additionally, only opting for necessary driving in the heat of the day can be better on your AC as well.


Overheating engines are a common car problem and something to be on high alert for in the summertime. If your engine is overheating in high temperatures, you most likely have a cooling system failure. This causes the engine to overwork itself trying to keep the temperature regulated.

Paying attention to fluid levels and how fast they are being used is a good way to monitor your engine. If you notice any fluids needing to be filled faster than normal or any other signs like steam under your hood, you need to visit your Kansas City car dealership to have it examined.

Your Kansas City Car Dealership Wants You On the Road and Having Fun This Summer

As a rule of thumb, any car should be serviced regularly and on-time. When you come to Zeck Ford, your Kansas City car dealership, you can be sure all of the necessary maintenance and service tasks are completed by Ford-certified technicians.

It is important for you to know what to look for to be completed as well. We make sure to check your:

  • Oil and oil filter
  • Belts and hoses
  • Engine air filter
  • Cabin filter (if applicable; some newer Ford vehicles do not require these)
  • Transmission
  • Windshield wipers and wiper fluid
  • Fuel filter
  • Power steering
  • Antifreeze or coolant
  • Battery
  • Spark plugs
  • Brakes

Get a service appointment scheduled online if you are needing maintenance performed on your vehicle.

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