Summer Day Trips Are Better in a New Truck – It Might Be Time For You to Explore the Ford Trucks For Sale at Zeck Ford Leavenworth

July 1st, 2022 by

a white F-150 hybrid drives down a costal road with a camper in tow

More Americans are Driving New Trucks as Family Cars

Circumstances will determine who needs to make the switch, but many families are finding that a truck fits their lifestyle more than any other option.

Switching your family car to a new or used truck provides your family with some benefits that other traditional family cars don’t offer. This is on top of trucks already coming available with the same features you can find in any other car, presenting tremendous value to the lives of the new truck drivers and enhancing summer day trips and vacations in the process.

Is it your turn to check our new or used Ford trucks for sale or head over to Zeck Ford Leavenworth for a test drive?

Let’s help you answer that question by highlighting some of the reasons that trucks are more useful than traditional family cars.

Trucks Are Ubiquitous With Moving A Lot of Stuff

Having a truck at your disposal gives you the possibility to move more stuff. Whatever stuff that happens to be for you, your new truck is going to ensure you have the best experience you have ever had moving cargo.

Quick trip to the Ozarks? Table Rock Lake? Tailgating? Whatever you need to bring along for your summer day trip will fit comfortably in the bed of your new truck. You’ll actually have the chance to bring even more cargo to make your trip that much better.

Additionally, your truck will be better equipped to pull things like trailers and boats. At this rate, that day trip may need an extension. You’re going to need more time to enjoy all of the things you can bring along.

Maximize your summer trips with a new truck! It’s as easy as contacting or visiting Zeck Ford Leavenworth to take a test drive. You can also start your search for used and new Ford trucks for sale in our online inventory.

Oh, the Places You Can Go!

Usually known for being used as work or utility vehicles, trucks are well equipped to handle many different conditions because of their durable design and size. A new truck can transform your family day trip into an adventure of the roads less-traveled, something that many traditional family cars couldn’t dream of.

Many trucks are designed specifically for off-road adventures, too. Having a truck will drastically expand the options you have for your summer day trips and excursions.

Convinced? We Have Plenty New and Used Trucks For Sale at Zeck Ford Leavenworth!

Making the switch to a truck isn’t just switching family cars. It’s expanding possibilities and maximizing your family time, creating an experience that you and your family will enjoy. Cars are temporary, but those memories last a lifetime.

We’ve helped you maximize your summer trips, but now we want to tell you how to maximize your new truck purchasing experience: Buy it at Zeck Ford Leavenworth, the first place you should look for new or used cars or Ford trucks for sale in Kansas City.

You can shop all of the new cars and used cars for sale here, or better yet, take a drive over to 4501 S. 4th St., in Leavenworth, KS, and we’ll greet you with the best service you’ll ever have. We call it the Zecksperience – and it’s different from traditional dealerships.

Think about the car buying experience without all of the things customers hate about the car buying process. Want to be able to look at the Ford trucks for sale without any hassle or pressure? You’ve found the right place. The Zecksperience ensures you are subject to the following:

  • Upfront and low pricing – no price gouging or smokescreens
  • NO haggling – We have non-commissioned personal shoppers, not salespeople, assisting you in finding your vehicle. You can be confident they will be focused on what’s important: the best new truck at the best price for you
  • 120-point vehicle inspection – Our techs find every vehicle to be safe and reliable before you leave the lot.
  • Simplicity and speed in the buying process – You can complete the buying process in our office or at home, but you won’t be held hostage in salespeople offices all day to get your new truck.

You’re going to be met with superior service every time you visit Zeck Ford Leavenworth. We take pride in that fact.

Additionally, you are welcome to contact us anytime if you have questions about used or new trucks for sale, used or new cars for sale, accessories, or service.

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