Summer Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Cars in Kansas City

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The Expert Mechanics at Zeck Ford Give Advice on How to Care for Your Vehicle

Our harshest season in Kansas tends to be winter, with its ice storms, blizzards, and frigid temperatures. But summer time here on the prairie can still wreak havoc on your car. Seasonal car maintenance is a smart idea if you value your vehicle and want it to keep running for many more years. In fact, a properly-cared-for vehicle will run and run and run beyond 200,000 miles on the odometer! Help your car reach that milestone.

Before summer wraps up, go through the summer vehicle maintenance checklist below to make sure you haven’t missed anything important before it’s time to perform winter maintenance tasks for your car and put on your snow tires. If you are not sure how to perform these maintenance tasks, or if you know you will need to purchase new tires, rotate your tires, or get something repaired, drive in to Zeck Ford in Leavenworth to pay a visit to our service department for professional and friendly service.

Get Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes prevent engine damage because it lubricates the moving parts and clears away debris like corrosion or dust (which is so important when prairie winds blow through).

Mechanics recommend getting an oil change every 3,000 miles or three months if you drive frequently, tend to drive fast or aggressively, or have an older vehicle. Otherwise, you may be able to stretch to 15,000 miles between oil changes, especially with a synthetic motor oil or synthetic blend.

Refer to your car’s owner’s manual for advice on oil changes from the manufacturer.

Wash Your Car

Take your vehicle to a self-service, hand-wash, or automatic car wash to remove road dirt, bird droppings, and other harmful things that may damage your exterior paint. Apply wax to protect your paint and get that high-shine look. Vacuuming your car’s interior also protects the integrity of your upholstery and carpeting.

Replace Your Vehicle’s Air Filters

Modern car engines have multiple filters that should be replaced, including your cabin air filter, fuel filter, and PVC filters. If you drive through dust a lot – perhaps rural Kansas or Missouri, for example – you may want to check on your filters more frequently.

Never attempt to manually clean the filters and put the old ones back into your vehicle. It’s much safer and more effective to completely replace the filter with a new one.

Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades should be changed every six to 12 months, and you should check on the metal components and moving parts just as often. These pieces can be replaced too, if needed.

Damaged rubber wiper blades will perform poorly against rain on your windshield, which can inhibit your visibility – a dangerous event.

Check Over Your Battery

Simply looking over your car’s battery can help you spot any signs of corrosion or battery fluid loss. Your mechanic can test the battery’s functionality, but you should keep track of how old your battery is; you can expect to change them every few years, especially if you drive frequently. Always wear gloves to protect your hands from battery acid.

Review Headlight, Taillight, and Turn Signal Function

To avoid getting a ticket or potentially causing an accident, you should regularly check the function of your headlights, taillights, and turning signals. Replacing light bulbs, relays, and fuses on your lights is quite inexpensive and easy enough to do at home.

You should also regularly wipe off your light covers so they shine as brightly as they should while you’re on the road.

Perform Your Own Tire Inspection and Schedule Regular Tire Maintenance

Bring your car to our car dealership service center to get your tires rotated about every 5,000 miles. Tire rotations help the tread wear down evenly.

Each month, check the pressure on your tires – measured in PSI – before you drive anywhere. At the same time, check your tires for wear. If they’re balding, or have obvious damage in the sidewalls, make an appointment with our service department to purchase new tires. Replace tires when there’s 4/32 inches of tread remaining.

Check the Coolant in Your Radiator

In the heat of summer, your radiator and the coolant in it are very important. It protects your car from overheating, protects against corrosion, and lubricates your car’s water pump. Radiator coolant should be changed out every couple of years.

If you aren’t sure if you’re due, use an antifreeze tester, or bring your vehicle in for a radiator flush at our local Ford car dealership service department. You can even schedule an appointment online, for your convenience!

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Heating and Cooling System and Seek Professional Repairs

Before the heat of summer sets in, you should have had your air conditioning system checked for proper functioning, but with autumn and winter approaching, it’s time for a check of the heating components. A Ford-certified mechanic can help you take care of these maintenance tasks with ease.

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