Tailgating Items You Need to Attend Chiefs Games in Your Ford SUV

September 12th, 2022 by

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Kansas City Ford Owners Need To Keep These Essentials Ready For Game Day

Tailgating at a Chiefs game with friends and family is a great autumn pastime.. The one thing that can ruin the tailgate experience is not having the right tools as you congregate with other fans outside Arrowhead Stadium. .

Make sure your Ford SUV has the perfect tailgating kit as we look at the essentials you need to support your favorite team and have fun doing it.

1. Keep Disposable Utensils In Your New Car

Hauling dirty dishes to wash is the worst after a long day of tailgating and cheering for the Chiefs. Keep disposable utensils, cups, plates, bowls, and to-go boxes on hand for easy clean up and transportation.

Ideally, your collection will also include serving utensils like spatulas and tongs. Keep your permanent kitchenware at home and keep your Ford SUV stocked with disposable utensils. You get bonus points if they’re eco-friendly ones, too!

2. Your Ford SUV Should Have a Portable Cooler at the Ready

Coolers are the backbone of a tailgate. You may need two coolers to adequately store supplies. Make sure you have enough room to store drinks, food, and other items that need to stay cold.

Coolers with wheels and conveniently placed handles will make your transportation so much easier, so consider those options as well. Head to our Kansas City Ford dealership near you to check out which Ford SUVs have enough size to fit the coolers you need to take to your tailgate.

3. Kansas City Ford Drivers Should Keep Foldable Furniture in Their Car For Tailgates

Many people settle for sitting on the backs of cars and trucks for seating at a tailgate, while others may just sit on the ground on a blanket or pad. Remembering to pack foldable furniture in your Ford SUV is a game changer for your tailgate. Sitting in a chair is comfortable and convenient for everyone. You might also consider foldable awnings, canopies, and tables for added utility from your tailgating space.

4. Can You Really Tailgate In a Ford In Kansas City If You Don’t Have a Grill?

Barbecue is synonymous with tailgating, and this is especially true in the barbecue capital of the world, Kansas City. Save room in your Ford SUV for at least a small grill to prepare some delicious food while supporting the Chiefs. Don’t forget grilling essentials like a lighter, charcoal, and other general supplies.

5. Don’t Let Your New Car Get Too Messy! Bring Cleaning Supplies to the Tailgate

Good tailgating practice is to clean up any space you use to the condition it was in when you arrived. Bring trash bags, paper towels,, sanitizer for hands and surfaces, and cleaning wipes to restore the space. Pack food storage bags, foil, and other supplies for leftovers.

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