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2019 Ford Ranger for sale

The Ford Motor Company is an iconic American automobile maker known for its high-quality pickups and domestic cars. Each year, there is always a lot of hype about their brand-new releases. In 2019, there has been a lot of speculation about the new Ford Ranger and how the company can possibly improve upon its features. Ford is known for being a luxury brand at affordable prices. The new features of the 2019 Ford Ranger do not disappoint.

Tested for Tough

Built Ford Tough, of course, is Ford’s slogan and yet it isn’t just a slogan. The 2019 Ford Ranger for sale in Leavenworth, Kansas features top of the line technology to help the vehicle perform in any climate, temperature, or condition that it may be driven in.

First, Ford engineers for the Ranger developed the vehicle to be able to drive on any terrain imaginable. This includes snow, ice, gravel, or regular roads. Durability is the name of the game with the 2019 Ranger. Lab technicians have tested the vehicle in over 100 hours of test-driving and have found that the new Ranger can stand up to hours of steep loads and drive in over 100-degree Fahrenheit weather. The vehicle can even tow up to 7,500 pounds (3.4 tons) with a 1,860-pound payload. Now that’s tough!

Pursue Your Wildest Adventures

In addition to being amazingly tough and durable, the new 2019 Ford Ranger can take you to any place beyond your wildest dreams. With its high-strength steel frame and steel-mounted bumpers, this vehicle can take you wherever you need to be, even if you have to go off-road.

First, this vehicle offers 4×4 four-wheel drive that can be switched on in an instant. For drier, paved surfaces, the vehicle can easily switch back to two-wheel drive at the discretion of the driver.

The vehicle even offers an off-road package. Now, Ford Ranger drivers can use high-tech monotube shocks, skid plates with electric power-assist steering, and a Terrain Management and Trail Control system. This altogether provides essential on- and off-road technology. These features can drastically improve off-road functioning with the switch of a button, providing the driver with comfort and ease knowing that their vehicle was made to handle even the toughest of terrains.

A Sleek Design

In addition to performance, most drivers are interested in their vehicle being attractive to other drivers on the road. The 2019 Ford Ranger absolutely is an attractive and sleek piece of equipment. First, the all-new Ranger offers an all-new style, showing off its various features such as its hood, low-angled windshield, and departure angles. Ultimately, these beautiful features enhance it’s performance as well.

When thinking about the car’s interior design, the Ranger also emphasizes attractiveness and function from the inside. The seating is known to be firm and supportive while giving off a classic, new-car look. And of course, the vehicle can accommodate five people with ease, so the car is known for being spacious and comfortable.

The Ranger also offers driver assist technologies, such as navigational features and high-quality audio performance. The Ford Ranger can be ordered with a SuperCab, which also provides seating for two people in the front. In the XL model, the back seats can be removed as well, so the Ranger offers easy and spacious storage to transport anything from point A to point B with ease.

The STX Appearance Package adds bold styling to the XL model, with silver aluminum wheels, sleek ebony back seats, and of course, fog lamps and carbon black bumpers.

High-Tech for Anyone

Of course, the new Ranger also allows the user to bring technology with them anytime and anywhere. Each vehicle has an easy to use interface that anyone can learn quickly without any frustration.

First, the Ford Co-Pilot 360 can easily help the driver navigate through crowded roads and highways without frustration. The vehicle also has a cross-traffic alert system. In addition, it has a lane departure system. This system easily lets the driver know when they are drifting into another lane, proving to be the ultimate safety vehicle. The Ranger also has adaptive cruise control, which can be easily switched on while driving on the highway.

FordPass Connect is also an option for drivers who would like to take the Internet with them wherever they go. This system is a personal hotspot that can connect up to 10 devices at once up to fifty feet away from the vehicle! This is truly revolutionary. Now more than ever, drivers can truly be connected wherever they go. Ford Ranger drivers can enjoy a complimentary one-year subscription to this service.

In addition to these revolutionary features, the vehicle also comes with a Waze navigation system. This system is a popular crowd-sourced navigation app that drivers are easily able to see right on their vehicle’s dashboard. While driving, drivers can now share with other drivers the best routes to get from point A to point B, get real-time alerts to various hazards and traffic jams, and even sync their iPhone to the system.

For those who are fans of Amazon Alexa, the Ranger also features something for those people as well. The 2019 Ranger allows drivers to connect their Alexa app right to their vehicles, where they are able to access voice navigation, traffic information, and perform over 50,000 “skills.” Now more than ever, Ford has allowed the driver to stay connected with the outside world, keep updates, all while giving and receiving real-time information for the ultimate safety feature.

After listing all the 2019 Ford Ranger’s features, it’s no wonder that the Ford Ranger continues to be one of the top American cars on the market today. Ford has really stepped up its game this year, adding something for truly everyone. There is something for the technology savvy, those who are concerned with interior and exterior design and of course, those who are primarily concerned with performance. This now leads to the question, what can’t the 2019 Ford Ranger do? Through all of their technological and mechanical innovations, fans of Ford and cars alike can’t way to see what the company does next! Test drive a 2019 Ford Ranger at Zeck Ford in Leavenworth, Kansas today.

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