Take the Quiz! Which Ford Fits Your Personality?

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Find Your Perfect Vehicle, and Take a Test Drive in Kansas City

With the 2021 model year about to fill our car dealership near Kansas City, you’re probably getting antsy to find the next brand-new Ford to grace your driveway. With the latest and greatest vehicles about to come out of the factory, it’s time to begin considering which new Ford best fits your personality.

Before heading down to our dealership at 4501 S. 4th Street in Leavenworth, Kansas, narrow the list of models you’d like to take for a spin by completing this fun Ford quiz!

To take the quiz below, record your answers on a sheet of scrap paper. When you finish the quiz and calculate your score, you’ll be left with a great idea of which new Ford for sale you should consider when you visit us at Zeck Ford.

Which New Ford for Sale is For You?

1. What is most important to you in a brand-new Ford car, truck, or SUV?

  1. It has to get incredible gas mileage, no matter what.
  2. It works as hard as I do.
  3. The interior space has to be large and premium!
  4. It has to be fast, loud, and gorgeous.

2. If you had to choose an adjective that best describes who you are, which would it be?

  1. Thrifty
  2. Strong
  3. Thoughtful
  4. Energetic

3. Do you need a pick-up bed on your next new Ford?

  1. No, I prefer interior cargo space for carrying what I need.
  2. Yes, that’s a non-negotiable.
  3. I need third-row seating instead.
  4. Only if it’s attached to a Raptor or Lightning or something, but usually not.

4. Do you like to drive fast?

  1. I need an engine with some pep for city and highway driving.
  2. As fast as I need to go to get the job done on time.
  3. Safety is much more my priority than speed.
  4. Yes. Fast. Super fast.

5. How many people do you prefer to hang out with all at once?

  1. Five at a maximum.
  2. Up to six in a pinch; my crew might be larger or smaller on some days.
  3. More than six on most days, or fewer people with lots of gear.
  4. Maybe four, tops; the extras can cruise in their own car!

6. Pick your favorite outfit.

  1. Denim, trendy sneakers, and a top or shirt to complement my current mood.
  2. I usually wear jeans, work boots, flannel, t-shirts – whatever’s comfortable.
  3. Any outfit that lets me get on the go in a timely manner!
  4. My favorite graphic t-shirt with a leather or denim jacket.

7. What’s your favorite season?

  1. I love autumn, for the sweater weather and the color-changing leaves.
  2. Spring, summer, or fall are always the best to me.
  3. Whichever season my kids play their favorite sports in!
  4. Summer, 100%.

How to Calculate Your Ford Quiz Score

To calculate your score and get your results, add up your total number of A answers, B answers, C answers, and D answers. The letter with the most responses corresponds to your result.

If You Chose Mostly As, Buy a Ford Escape Hybrid

For the environmentally-conscious (or if you just hate pumping gas), go with a new Ford Escape Hybrid. Because it’s a plug-in, you can charge your vehicle and drive for up to 30 miles before the engine takes over. Perfect for someone with a short commute, you’re looking at some serious gas savings over the course of ownership.

There’s plenty of cargo room for what you need to carry (up to 34.4 cubic feet), but the body style is soft and appealing, instead of the harsh-looking style you might find in other crossover SUVs.

If you like the idea of a Ford Escape, but aren’t sure about hybrid technology, don’t worry! This SUV comes equipped with traditional, zippy, turbo-charged engines, too! (And these have an additional 3 or so cubic yards of cargo space, too.)

Shop our full selection of brand-new Ford Escape crossover SUVs.

If You Chose Mostly Bs, a Ford F-150 Is Right For You

We’re willing to bet you’re looking for a work truck, or at least a truck you can use when you do work around the house. The Ford F-150, with all its engine choices, trim levels, and body styles, gives you the opportunity to customize your new Ford truck so that it performs perfectly for you.

The 2021 model year, coming soon, comes courtesy of a major redesign with tons of interior and exterior features unmatched by other makers. Change the way you spend time outdoors with a tailgate work surface, exterior lighting, an electrical outlet, and more. Heading out to hunt? Get a quick nap in on the new fold-flat seats before you climb into the deer stand.

Ever tow a camper or boat for summer trips to the lake? Ford’s maximum payload and towing capabilities are best-in-class!

What you choose is up to you! Check out the new Ford F-150 at our Kansas City Ford dealership.

If You Chose Mostly Cs, Consider the Ford Explorer or Ford Expedition

If third-row seating or lots of cargo space is required of your next new ride, look no further than the mid-size Ford Explorer or the large Ford Expedition!

The Explorer offers tons of impressive safety features, powerful engine options, and third-row seating with enough latches for four car seats. The Explorer is the perfect all-around family vehicle: it tows, it’s safe, and it’s interior is spacious and smartly appointed. Everyone will love riding or driving in this more-than-capable Ford SUV! And with the brand-new model year coming out for 2021, expect some changes to further refine this in-demand vehicle (not that it really needed refining).

Bonus points? The Ford MyKey system, which reminds your passengers to buckle up and lets you control the speed and stereo volume for a teenager learning how to drive. See all the new Ford Explorer SUVs on our lot!

Need something a little larger? Why not try a Ford Expedition? One of the best SUVs in its class, expect a powerful engine, a premium interior, and plenty of space to stow suitcases, toys, and other equipment. It even tows and achieves up to 23 miles per gallon!

If the Expedition isn’t quite big enough for you, Ford has the Expedition Max. It gives you an additional nearly 17 cubic feet of cargo space, plus four-wheel drive standard. Shop for a Ford Expedition in Kansas City.

If You Chose Mostly Ds, Drive Away in a New Ford Mustang

If you completed this quiz and are totally shocked that the Mustang was your result, we owe you a big high-five and/or an apology. The Ford Mustang has options for everyone, but the 2021 model year that we’ve been pondering for the last few weeks is for a very specific kind of person.

Why’s that? In 2021, Ford is unveiling a Mach 1 limited-edition coupe with a 480-horsepower V8 engine. It’s a throwback to the Mach 1s of yore, with an interior that is functional in these modern times, with several nods to the Shelby GT350 and GT500. Choose from a convertible or coupe (but seriously – get the convertible; go big, or go home).

Even the rest of the trimlines are no joke – may we suggest the Bullitt model, or even one of the turbo-charged four-cylinders? No matter which you choose, Ford has really mastered the pony car, and when you own one, you’re basically driving a piece of powersports history. See all the Mustang sports cars we carry, or ask us about ordering one just for you.

Get the Zecksperience at Zeck Ford

Our Kansas City Ford dealership gives you a fresh way to buy a new vehicle, because we’re always focusing on customer satisfaction. We call it the “Zecksperience,” which gets you the lowest available prices on the Ford of your dreams, plus speedier car-buying processes you can complete online, and no haggling, ever.

Come test drive the new Ford lineup at our dealership in Leavenworth!

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