The First-edition Electric Mustang Such a Hit it Already Sold Out

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Electric Ford Mustang

Even if you aren’t a huge car fan, you know a Ford Mustang when you see one. It’s unmistakable. It’s also one of those classic muscle cars that has so exemplified the American sports car experience that it has become part of our infrastructure. The American police force has used iterations of the Ford Mustang for years – because not only are they reliable cars, they are fast cars, which allow them to gain quite a bit of speed in the event of a chase. Additionally, they are used often in semi-pro and professional car racing, as well as in movies that want to showcase really cool cars.

But really, the Mustang is a testament to Ford’s ability to give its customers what they ask for. In the sixties, when the Mustang first debuted, consumer focus was less on the useful family car and more focused on a vehicle that gave them a little bit of excitement on their days off. Breadwinners wanted race cars that they could feel unique in, and the Mustang provided that. In fact, to get people excited about the Mustang, Ford even brought in one of the best race car drivers in the world to upsell its performative abilities – Carroll Shelby.

Over the years, the Ford Mustang has tested out many new and bold looks on its Mustang, all while keeping people excited about the capabilities of the sports car. But the most recent edition of the Mustang blew everyone’s expectations out of the water, both in the way it looks and the way it drives.

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About the First-Edition Electric Mustang

The first-edition Ford Mustang Mach-E is completely breaking the mold when it comes to everything we’ve come to expect from the Mustang. At first glance, the Mach-E looks completely different from its Mustang predecessors, having been redesigned from the inside out. While it still maintains its sporty appearance, the exterior is much smoother – something distinct from older models. However, it still has a very visibly aerodynamic appearance, despite its complete makeover. There’s no mistaking that this car is meant to go far and fast.

The Mach-E, however, looks like what it is – an SUV. Though it is much smaller than many of the SUVs that Ford has available, it still has a roomy interior and SUV shape. What sets it apart from other SUVs is both its looks and its performance. It still manages to look like a sports car, even though it is also distinctly different looking than other sports cars on the market. The base model starts at $47,000, and from front to back is 186 inches. The car seats five and has a 117-inch wheelbase.

Additionally, the Mach-E was marketed as Ford’s first long-range electric car. It is anticipated that at peak performance, the Mach-E will be able to go as many as 300 miles between charges. As far as the “vroom” factor, it can reach 0-60 in a mere 3 seconds, which makes it as showy as it is utilitarian.

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A Car So Highly-Anticipated It Sold Out Before it Even Hit the Market

The first edition electric Mustang is set to be released in early 2021. However, those who are excited about the vehicle might need to wait even longer to drive one. Even a full year ahead of its intended release date, the Mach-E has already been sold out.

The Mach-E was first unveiled in November 2019 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where auto enthusiasts showed visible excitement about the rival to Tesla’s Model Y. What is most striking to this rivalry is that there has yet to be any release date set for the Model Y, therefore, Ford is already ahead of its rival.

Ford was one of the first American companies to show an interest in electric-powered cars and has its own range of hybrid vehicles that pre-date the Mach-E. However, where the hybrids differ is in two areas – looks and capabilities. Ford’s part-electric predecessors are marketed as sensible cars, often popular among families. While they look beautiful, they don’t have the sports car look of the Mach-E. Additionally, they were not meant to go fast and perform like the Mach-E was supposed to. For these two reasons alone, the Mach-E was sensational at the car show.

Initially, the car was not made with the idea of mass marketing it. First iterations were created after California began to adopt environmental policies that called for low emissions vehicles in 1990, which eventually morphed into the need for zero-emission vehicles. However, when Ford saw what an opportunity they could have to regain their popularity both with electric car buyers and with sports car fans, they commenced work on the first-edition electric Mustang.

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What The Sell-Out Means For the Future of Cars

There’s no doubt that the consumer mindset is shifting toward the purchase of more environmentally-friendly investments, including cars. Tesla has managed to make themselves into a multi-billion dollar company reliant heavily upon its first all-electric cars. As consumer interest obviously shifts toward sustainability, existing car companies will need to step up to the bat to remain relevant.

While fully-electric car production has been slow in America, the Mach-E shows that America can also take responsibility when it comes to the future – not only the future of mass transportation but also a future that will need to separate itself from dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. Tesla may have been the first company to make an attractive electric car. Still, Ford just showed that America is the future of sleek, palatable electric transformation by selling out the Mach-E before it even made it to dealerships.

We can’t show you the Mach-E quite yet, even though we are also excited for it to hit the streets in 2021. However, if you are in the mood to upgrade your gas-guzzler to a more fuel-efficient vehicle, Zeck Ford of Leavenworth, Kansas can help you out. We offer competitive in-house financing, trade-in deals, and all the best in new and used cars in the Leavenworth Area. Click here to browse our selection of vehicles, or call us at (844) 645-5448 today.

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