The Ford F-150 Continues to Raise the Bar on Durability

July 30th, 2019 by

Ford F-150 for sale in Kansas City

Rugged. Strong. Resistant. These are a few words that describe the Ford F-150. It has earned a reputation as one of the most durable trucks ever made. The F-150 can take enormous wear and tear and it has proven itself repeatedly at job sites around the world.

The F-150 hasn’t always been the truck it is today. It has undergone changes just like any vehicle does to adapt to constantly improving technology.

Aside from the wide selection of engines to choose from, the F-150 has set the standard for its lightweight yet high strength frame that is made from materials typically used in industrial applications. For example, the cab and bed are built with a military-grade aluminum-alloy known as the 6000 series. It is also used in military and industrial applications around the globe. Let’s take a deeper dive into why the F-150 is a top truck and king of durability.

Design Improvements

The Ford F-150 has slowly grown in size throughout the years. The 2000 F-150 weighed in at 3,923 to 4,806 pounds while the 2019 F-150 weighs from 4,069 to 5,697 pounds. As features and size have been added to the truck, it has slowly grown in weight. The cab of the most modern F-150 is bigger than previous iterations and the bed size has also grown.

The newest F-150 for sale in Kansas City also has the most impressive style. The reason for the design change isn’t always for looks though; sometimes the contour is tweaked to improve wind resistance that in turn can save on fuel.

The wheel wells have also been changed for functional purposes and as the years have gone by the distance the wheels can clear when the suspension is compressed has increased. A larger wheel well means the truck can handle a heavier load and the wheels will have plenty of clearance even when hitting a bump with a heavy load in the bed. It’s these subtle design improvements that have added up throughout the years to make the F-150 for sale in Leavenworth, the durable truck it is today.


As mentioned before, the F-150 is built with military-grade aluminum-alloy that is treated with heat during the manufacturing process to harden it. This results in a very strong body that is extremely dent resistant. The 6000 series aluminum-alloy is certainly a strong contributor to the ruggedness of the F-150. Even though it comes stock with this special aluminum-alloy, it can still be upgraded. Whether you’re starting with the regular cab, the SuperCab, or the SuperCrew truck, features such as a sound system by Bang & Olufsen can be added.

Other upgrades include a tailgate step with tailgate lift assist, inflatable rear safety belts, power-deployable running boards, and 20-inch machined-aluminum wheels. An FX4 off-road package can also be added as well as the max trailer tow package and all of the accessories can be upgraded to power equipment. Everything from mirrors to windows and locks are included in the power equipment upgrade. There is also a technology package that offers a 360-degree camera with a split-view display, active park assist, lane-keeping system, and dynamic hitch assist.


The F-150 has consistently dominated the pickup truck market in America and, in 2009, it won Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year Award. It was also awarded Best Redesigned Vehicle from Kelley Blue Book the same year. The F-150 has been dubbed the “truck of Texas” and the “best luxury pickup” by the Texas Auto Writers Association in 2009. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also awarded the F-150 with the title of its “Top Safety Pick.” The Institute commended the safety canopy side curtain airbags and AdvanceTrac system.

The Ford F-150 isn’t just physically durable, it’s financially durable too. The Automotive Leasing Guide gave the F-150 its Residual Value Award for seeing the lowest depreciation of any truck on the market. Other awards include the Accessory-Friendly Pickup Design Award given by SEMA and the “best overall half-ton pickup” award given by

Technology and Towing

The F-150 has become known for its best-in-class towing ability and even the base model can easily tow anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 pounds. It is also capable of carrying a payload between 1,125 and 2,309 pounds. If you know that you are going to be doing a lot of hauling and towing, it could be ideal to purchase a pre-owned F-150 so the inevitable dings and scratches won’t be as painful. After all, even if you purchase an F-150 that is ten or even twenty years old, you are still getting the same best-in-class performance. The bed also comes with optional spray-in bed liners that can add an extra protective layer to the bed for hauling objects that would normally scratch it up.

When it comes to the technology of the F-150, there is a host of upgrades from which to choose. Even if you decide to go with a stock F-150, it will come with smart towing features such as trailer sway control, AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, Pro Trailing Backup Assist, Dynamic hitch assist, and a factory-installed trailer brake controller that can synchronize the truck and trailer brakes. For the interior, the F-150 boasts an eight-inch productivity screen that also displays trailer information.

Since the F-150 retains its value better than any other truck on the market, it means that no matter the year or model you purchase, the F-150 is a good investment. Not only will it retain its usefulness, but if you decide to resell it you will also be able to regain the more capital than any other truck would otherwise offer.

Whether you will be driving in the city or off-road in the fields of a farm, the F-150 is designed to perform in all conditions. Traction control will help moderate the power to the wheels even in dirt, snow, and ice.

Check out your new F-150 or your pre-owned model to see these outstanding technological and design accomplishments in person. The truck will speak for itself and show you why it’s considered the most durable truck on the market.

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