The Ford F-150 Remains So Popular It is Leading New & Used American Auto Sales

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In America, when we like something, we really hang onto it.

Coke. Hamburgers. Football. Nascar. Country Music. All of these things are commonly associated with America — and for a great reason. Even though some of these things have drastically changed throughout the years, they still are quintessential to the core of the American experience. We have rituals revolving around these some of these things (if you’ve ever been to a Superbowl party, you’ll know what I mean). We even have sayings that allude to their importance (“American as Apple Pie,” for one). Even if you don’t like these things, it’s utterly unthinkable that you haven’t at least heard a country song or driven by a hamburger stand on the side of the road.

If we had to pick one type of car that completely defined modern America, it would unmistakably be a pickup truck. It represents the hard-working nature of the people who live in our country, as well as our vast swaths of rugged, beautiful land just waiting to be traversed. If we had to go even further and put our finger on a single truck representing all of America, we would have to nominate the rugged but humble Ford F-150.

Maybe you think we’re biased. After all, we are a Ford Dealership. But, biased or not, American car sale statistics agree with us.

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The History of the Ford F-150

The Ford F-series has been around since 1948 when the need for pickup trucks became apparent among our changing population. Since this date was near the start of the Baby Boomer era, there were more mouths to feed than ever, Agriculture picked up as a response to the influx in population. The pickup truck allowed farmers to carry more produce and livestock, contractors to carry around more tools and materials, and other areas of industry to flourish with the help of a reliable vehicle.

Several iterations after its initial release, the F-series got a makeover in the mid-seventies that boosted its popularity. No longer was this the truck of farmers. The Ford F-150 became the Everyman’s truck. The interior got a little more spacious, the payload got a little bit better, and its overall performance improved – making it a great vehicle to use both in rural and urban settings. In 1977, during a run of the 6th generation, the Ford F-150 was met with its first claim to the throne of “best-selling truck in America.” Although it hasn’t had that title every year since 1977, it has had it for 37 out of those 43 years. This past year, it didn’t stop – it actually exceeded sales expectations.

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New Ford F-150 Sales Statistics

Say what you want about 2019, but it was absolutely a good year for the Ford F-150. It received a huge makeover, which arguably caused more buyers to flock to it.

In the South, the Ford F-150 dominated in the category of top-selling new cars in metropolitan areas. In Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas, people still bought the truck more than any other car sold within city limits. In Detroit, arguably the mecca for all American auto sales, the Ford F-150 was in the top three new vehicles sold. According to Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press, one of the jurors for the NACTOY awards, the Ford F-150 not only lead new sales in 22 out of the 50 states, but it also resulted in the highest sales for 22 out of 50 greater metropolitan areas.

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Used Ford F-150 Sales Statistics

Not only did the 2020 Ford F-150 exceed sales expectations, but used F-150s also remained the most popular in truck sales. 32 out of 50 states listed the F-150 as their best-selling used truck. Additionally, the car was popular in metropolitan areas. Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Houston, Texas, all cited the Ford F-150 as their most popularly sold car.

The southern influence of the truck cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to being a beloved Texas vehicle. After all, the King Ranch trim of the Ford F-150 is named after the beloved Texas ranch that has given so much back to the state – including providing a suitable environment for one of the only small remaining populations of ocelots in the United States. King Ranch in Texas is an exemplification of what it means to be a good, hard-working American, and that is evident by its F-150 trim namesake.

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Why Do Americans Love the Ford F-150 So Much?

You might say that the Ford F-150 is as American as apple pie for a few reasons. For one, Americans love to purchase goods that were made in the United States. When they get a Ford, they feel as though they are directly contributing to the economy by buying an item that helps them out in their day to day life. Americans are also very tied to independence. Not only does having a truck exemplify the ability to be independent, but having a truck that is relatively easy to fix up themselves helps them remain independent. The Ford F-150 is built to be an excellent truck for DIY-oriented repair people, and its prevalence throughout the years has made it easy to find parts for.

Simply put, the Ford F-150 is an American metaphor. Even after going through significant changes, it has held onto its original feel – a truck that stands for durability, capability, and can ultimately stand the test of time.

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