The Ford F-150’s Safety Gives Peace of Mind

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Ford F-150 Trucks

The truck market is huge in the United States — you’d be hard pressed not to find one on the roads anywhere you go. The ability to off-road, haul heavy equipment, and drive a family around in a luxurious, ergonomic vehicle is appealing to all and makes it one of the top rated vehicles in Kansas City.

The Ford F-series of trucks attracts the most attention in the United States. After all, in 2015, it consumed 35.7% of the pickup truck market according to Autodata Corp. — that’s a gigantic 8.2% higher than the closest competitor. It also sold the most trucks compared to any other year and continues to receive the highest marks in reviews online.

But why does the F-series earn this level of praise and recognition, especially in safety? Let’s look at why the Ford F-150 dominates in durability, capabilities, and safety, and how it weighs up against other brands and models.

A Tough Machine

The performance of the F-150 stands out against other trucks for several reasons. Take the 2019 F-150, the most recent addition to the F-150 family. This truck boasts a high-strength, military-grade aluminum-alloy body — the only kind in its class. Ford uses special techniques to make it, which create a body that is lighter and safer than many typical aluminum bodies you’ll find in trucks, producing a higher power-to-weight ratio than most other trucks in its class. This also means you won’t dent the bed easily if you’re loading up heavy and hard objects.

The truck frame itself is high-strength steel, with larger cross sections than the previous-generation frame. Having used state of the art processes, the frame is also 60 pounds lighter than the ones in the past. Altogether, this adds to power-to-weight ratio benefits and a stronger, more rigid truck.

Perhaps where this truck shines the most is in its ability to provide an outstanding off-road drive with maximum control and safety. The truck can switch between two-wheel- and four-wheel drive modes on the fly, with some models (Lariat, King Ranch, Raptor, Platinum, Limited) having an automatic 4WD mode. Throw on top Ford’s unique control systems, such as hill descent control, electronic locking rear differential, torque-on-demand transfer case, and various other off-road mods and the F-150 is a king among off-roaders in control and safety.

Extensive Safety Features

When it comes to safety specifically, the F-150 shows off what state of the art trucks are capable of. Autoblog based their F-150 crash test ratings on NHTSA Frontal Crash Test Ratings. The NHTSA is an organization that rigorously tests without bias and objectively.

The score the F-150 receives is 4/5 stars across the board for driver, passenger, overall front, and overall rollover ratings. That puts the F-150 amongst the best of its class in safety ratings. They also gave a score of 9/10 for overall rating of the truck when comparing industry ratings from key influential automotive sources.

Here’s a list of some of the safety features the 2019 F-150 has:

  • Anti-lock Brakes — ABS brakes sense when the tire has stopped turning when maximum braking is applied and modulates braking pressure to rotate the tire quickly, resulting in the driver having more control over vehicle direction when braking hard.
  • Frontal-impact, Overhead, and Side Impact Airbags — a three-way combination of airbags are deployed when a crash occurs and shields the driver and passengers from all angles of possible impact (side, front, and rollover).
  • Pretensioners — a standard on most vehicles today, these kick in when a car crashes and halts suddenly, keeping the occupant in the upright position instead of flying forward.
  • Security System — if the correct key is not used to ignite the engine, but the engine is ignited anyway, this could indicate theft and thus the engine will cut out automatically and will disable the truck.
  • 360-Degree Camera with Split View Display — see your surroundings fully to avoid damage through accidental crashing or hitting a pedestrian.
  • Blind Spot Information System — a system that indicates if there are objects and vehicles in your blind spot, which can help avoid accidental collisions. This is a great tool for trailering.
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking — split-second decisions can be made to stop the truck if it senses that a collision with an object is imminent. The truck gives a visual and auditory alert, but if no action is taken, the pre-charged brakes deploy and halt the vehicle.

How Does It Compare?

The Ford website lets you compare how each F-150 model weighs up against each other. The XL trim, for example, doesn’t contain the exact same technology features that the XLT contains (such as Hill Descent Control and Blind Spot Information System) — which you could see as a compromise on safety if you’re looking for those features. Each model differs from one another in terms of engine size, wheel/body shapes and sizes, and the technology available. Ultimately, for better features you’re paying more money, which is the same for any truck brand and trim.

All modern F-150 trucks, however, come with exceptional basic safety features such as airbag systems, ABS, high-strength body, structural integrity, etc.

The Ford F-150 aces collision tests conducted by the IIHS, especially for passenger side testing which it receives exceptional marks for, putting it among the top of its class in terms of safety. Compare that with all four of General Motors’ pickups only earning “marginal” ratings, and the Toyota Tundra earning “poor” ratings — it’s easy to see why the F-150 stands out.

The F-150 shows itself as a market leader in not just driver safety, like many other brands do, but also side passenger safety and structural integrity. That’s because Ford has had decades upon decades of experience with safety testing, design, and research.

When it comes to buying a new F-150, the price range is somewhere between $28,155 and $70,560 for a brand new F-150 (depending on trim). Guaranteed, you get a quality vehicle with top-of-its-class safety, but an alternative option would be to buy pre-owned. From a certified dealership like Zeck Ford in Leavenworth you’ll be getting virtually the same truck, especially for safety as our professionals will ensure the vehicle is in shape before putting it out for sale — meaning you can get all the safety features guaranteed by the F-150 at a significantly lower price.

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