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Ford has a few cars, trucks, and SUVs that are bestsellers regardless of your interest in the company. For instance, the Ford F-150 has been a bestseller all across America for nearly 40 years. This past year, it has continued to dominate both new and used truck sales in America. However, there are quite a few other Ford vehicles that have cult followings beyond brand loyalty – like the Ford Ranger.

The Ranger was first introduced to the United States auto market in 1983 when there became a growing demand for compact trucks all over the country. People were looking for affordable small trucks in which to do their yard work, contractor’s work, and general towing. Additionally, the eighties were when there was a more significant movement toward pastime off-roading, and adventurers flocked to the Ford Ranger for its reasonable off-roading capabilities. The Ranger was initially developed in Australia, so the link to off-roading was undeniable..

In 2012, Ford temporarily stopped production of the Ranger in the United States, which shocked many die-hard fans of the little truck. It wasn’t until after this hiatus that the 2019 Ford Ranger was released, much to the surprise and delight of Ford fans. And while it kept many of the things that Ranger fans loved about the original model, there are a few things that it sounds like Ford still intends to improve upon.

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The Issue of Power and Performance

For all that people loved the Ranger, there have always been a few minor issues relating to the little truck – most related to the engine. Although people love the smaller size of the truck, which allows for quite a bit of power with secure handling even in tough off road situations, there are aspects of the truck’s engine that can be difficult to deal with. The Ranger has always had a relatively small engine, which means it doesn’t get as much power as full-sized trucks.

However, even with its size and conservative engine, it has never been great on gas. Trucks coming out of the 1980s and 1990s were not built to get excellent gas mileage, so on older Rangers, this was not a huge problem. However, after the upgrade in 2019, many people expected there to be updates to the Ford Ranger engine, or at least to the mpg rating. While the Ranger received a considerable makeover and there was no overall reduction in the mpg rating, it was still evident that Ford had focused on revamping the style of the Ranger rather than trying to cut down its fuel consumption.

For the most part, this wasn’t a significant issue. The 2019 Ford Ranger was a triumph, and people were hugely excited about it. Still, with the engine and power upgrades, most trucks are getting these days, it was a let-down. Most truck owners, especially those focused on off-roading, don’t mind skimming a little bit off of fuel consumption if it means they’ll be able to go faster. Unfortunately, the four-cylinder engine doesn’t allow for that.

But the 2021 Ford Ranger is rumored to have some very exciting engine updates that could help it perform much better.

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A Mustang V8 Powered Ford Ranger Engine – Too Good To Be True?

The Mustang has been a powerhouse car for Ford. People love it for its ability to go quickly in a relatively short time, as well as its handling ability at these speeds. It’s for this reason that it has historically been one of the first choices for police cars in the United States.

It is also this reason that Ford believes it will make a great off-roading engine, and a future Ford Ranger powered by the V8 Mustang is rumored to already be in the works.

There are already many V8-powered trucks and SUVs on the market which are suitable for off-roading capabilities. These include the GMC Yukon, The Chevy Suburban, The Chevy Tahoe, The Chevy Silverado, and the Ford F-250. While V8 Engines might not get the best gas mileage when compared to lightweight trucks with V4 and V6 engines, they are much better-performing cars overall. All of these (minus the Ford Raptor, which is powered by a V6 Engine) are listed as some of the best off-roading vehicles on the market. And with Ford’s innovative thinking, they can likely find some way to combine the high performance of a V8 engine with the gas efficiency of a smaller engine.

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What The Switch Would Mean For The Future of the Ranger

As you can see from the Mustang, not all V8 engines are meant for large cars. But would upgrading the Ranger from a V6 engine to a V8 engine mean ultimately changing what we love about the Ranger?

In short – no.

The Ranger would, essentially, be getting a shot of steroids after its 2019 facelift. We’ve already learned to live without the small-bodied Ranger of the 80s and 90s, primarily since it provides ample space for us without being as big and expensive as other trucks that Ford makes. It was the size which many off-roaders initially loved about the Ranger. It allowed them to maneuver tight spots while still performing well. The new Ranger is still able to do this – and Ford was so confident in its ability that it even offered the most recent Ranger with Raptor Trim.

Keeping its size makes it a perfect candidate for the Mustang V8 Engine, which is meant to provide peak speed and handling without weighing down a relatively delicate car. If the plans for the Ford Ranger powered by the V8 Mustang go through, Ranger fans can expect a quicker car for the same price.

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