The Zecksperience: How it Works

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If you live in Leavenworth or nearby, you’ve probably driven by Zeck Ford or seen the Z shield on a vehicle. It’s hard to miss our big dealership on 4th street, with it being so close to town. Unfortunately, there are so many different car dealerships in Missouri and Kansas that it can be hard to remember names, even if your route to work or to the gym has you consistently driving by them. Car dealerships tend to look the same – big lots with a variety of cars and the constant enticement of sales.

Despite their looks, not all car dealerships are the same. They each offer a unique car buying experience. At Zeck Ford, we call this the Zecksperience.

What makes the Zecksperience so much different than buying experiences at other dealerships?

Let us explain by highlighting the principles behind our customer service policies.

Zecksperience Principle #1: Buying is a Deeply Personal Experience

Too often, the consumer experience becomes streamlined in a way that doesn’t benefit the customer. In most cases like this, the consumer is left out of the car buying conversation and is talked at rather than with. Salespeople will speak with them about cars without engaging them in conversation.

At Zeck Ford, we make sure to bring the customer into the sales conversation because we understand that your personal life is integral to the car buying process. We’ll ask you about your work needs, family size, hobbies, and get to know you as a person. That way, when we ask you your favorite color, we’ll be able to guide you to the car you like. Additionally, if you have a vehicle in mind, we’ll always show you that car first before we take you to any others.

Zecksperience Principle #2: Haggling Breaks the Customer’s Trust

Haggling is a common practice at traditional car dealerships. Customers will go in to look at cars, and salespeople will often try and upsell a vehicle, or sell them a car they are less interested in over a car they specifically asked about. This is probably confusing to the customer, but what spurs haggling is the commission factor. Auto dealerships whose employees work on commission are encouraged to sell things so that they make money.

It might be useful for a car salesperson’s wallet, but it’s not suitable for building trust with the customer. Zeck Ford’s car buying experience means that customers never have to deal with haggling. Our salespeople do not work on commission. Instead, they work to establish trust with customers and find the right deal for them.

Zecksperience Principle #3: Saving the Customer Money is Good Business Practice

When customers save money, they return to the establishment with whom they saved money in the first place. A recent article in Forbes, titled “Customer Experience is the New Brand,” looked at the power of customer service. While many of the statistics in this article were shocking, one of the most surprising of them all was leading airline United lost $1.3 billion in worth after a viral video of a poor customer experience was released. These statistics are evidence that without customer approval, high sales aren’t worth much.

Zeck Ford understands that whether you’re buying a new car or a pre-owned car, the fate of a company is up to the customer. That’s why we focus less on how much money we make and more on how much money we can save our customers – as well as finding a car that is a good fit for them. We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases because we know that is what keeps them happy.

Zecksperience Principle #4: Saving the Customer Time is Good Business Practice

Typical car buyers might avoid the online car shopping process because they don’t want to deal with a car salesperson. However, that doesn’t mean that applying for a car is any more comfortable. Applying for financing, signing off on the paperwork, and getting other legal forms in place is tough. It can take hours, days, and sometimes even weeks if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you need to get additional paperwork.

The Zecksperience allows you to do much of the preliminary work from the comfort of your home. Rather than spending hours or days at a dealership searching for cars and applying for financing, you can do much of it at home. Start by searching for the right vehicle for you, budgeting, using our monthly payment calculator, and more. You’ll feel like you know as much as the salesperson when you come into the dealership.

Zecksperience Principle #6: Safety Should Always Be the First Priority

Though it is typical to get a pre-inspected vehicle at a new car dealership, sometimes used car sales can be a little less scrutinous about their safety inspections. Federal lemon laws exist that prevent used car dealerships from selling cars to people without disclosing issues with the vehicle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the car is safe to drive.

Whether you choose to buy a new car or a used car, Zeck Ford in Leavenworth always puts the safety of our customers first. All our vehicles go through a 120-point inspection before being sold. If the vehicle doesn’t meet our standards, then it’s back to the shop. You can always feel comfortable driving a safe Zeck car.

Zecksperience Principle #7: The Customer Always Gets the Best Prices For Them

Let’s be frank. Sometimes car buyers will get sucked into the original price of a car without thinking about how much that car will cost after it gets additions. Part of helping the customer get the best price for them is getting to know them and what they want from their cars – something Zeck Ford always does.

Let us show you the Zecksperience firsthand. If you’re in the market for a new or used car and live in the Leavenworth, Kansas, area, then stop by Zeck Ford on 4th Street. We have a wide selection of new and used cars and will work with you on financing options regardless of your credit. Click here to get started with an application today.

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