Top Five Reasons Zeck Ford Should Be Your Preferred Ford Dealer

September 18th, 2018 by

Your Preferred Ford Dealer

Zeck Ford’s Kansas City dealership is not only the place to go when searching for a new or used vehicle but one of the most trusted dealerships in the state. Besides our go-above-and-beyond customer service attitude and communicative work style, our team makes sure that every single person that enters our building leaves feeling like not only did they get the best deal they could or the best servicing that was done right, but that they were treated as a part of the family.

Zeck Ford believes that there is something wrong with the car buying experiences everyone is familiar with and hates. We all know the feeling of dread that rushes over your body when you need to search for that new or used car. Whether it was because of a car accident and you need to find a new car fast, or because your child just turned into a grown adult and will be behind the wheel of their very first car soon, whatever your own reason for buying a car, we all know it can be a hassle. The only way to make this process better is to believe there are things to be changed and that the system as-is is broken. Zeck Ford believes that the car buying system is broken and needs to be fixed. Our employees take pride in showing you the best process they know.

1. Zeck Ford Received The Dealer of The Year Award

The first reason that comes to mind when thinking about what makes Zeck Ford one of the best dealerships in the Kansas City area is the Dealer of the Year award. This award is given to a select number of dealerships that are recognized for their outstanding customer service reviews, given by actual customers. There are very strict guidelines for such an award, like at least one review every quarter and a minimum of twenty-five reviews for the calendar year. Zeck Ford has not only won this award, but it has won Dealer of the Year for six years in a row! That is right! Starting in 2013, and still going strong in 2018.

2. We’re Committed to Saving You Time

The second reason to use Zeck Ford is that the employees that work here are committed to saving you time. No one wants to spend all day at a car dealership. Whether that time is spent haggling prices or trying to find the right car for you, most of the work can be done right from your own home using our website. You can start your car buying process online with the help of our tools, and finish down at the dealership. This makes for a much shorter and painless trip to the car lot.

3. We Take a Customer-First Approach

The third reason is that no matter what Zeck Ford is always looking after the customer first. We have a team of car buyers. These people travel all over the United States in search of the best deals out there. They want to find a car that will not only work well but also for a price that is not out of the average person’s price range. When you buy from Zeck Ford, you can rest assured knowing that we have a whole team devoted to finding the best deals in America.

4. Our Vehicles are of The Highest Quality

Another reason to put your trust in Zeck Ford in Leavenworth is that every car you purchase, whether it is brand new, or used, goes through a rigorous safety inspection. This safety inspection is unlike any others. The mechanics at Zeck check every detail of every car that touches the lot. They take it through an extensively painstaking one-hundred and-twenty-point inspection to make sure every car is up to their highest standards.

5. We Offer The Lowest Prices Possible

Last but certainly not least, is the best reason to trust in Zeck for your next car buying experience. Not only will we treat you like family as soon as you walk in the door, but we will do absolutely no haggling with you. Zeck makes it our promise to always be up front and honest about money. This means always offering the best possible price we can do up front. No going back and forth for hours trying to “make some miracle deal” with the money guy who sits behind the desk in the back. Zeck Ford wants you to be the winner when buying a car. They are simply helping facilitate the process.

Between the awards that Zeck Ford of Kansas City has received and our promises to make the car buying experience one hundred percent better for you as consumers, it would be silly not to make them your preferred Ford dealer.

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