What is Ford BlueCruise Technology?

July 29th, 2022 by

from the perspective of the drivers see, the bluecruise heads up display is seen on the dashboard

Is It Worth Visiting Our Kansas City Car Dealership to Test Drive a Vehicle With This Feature?

Some new Ford models are coming equipped with BlueCruise technology, a hands-free driving system. This has raised excitement, concern, and every emotion in between for fans of the Blue Oval.

At Zeck Ford, we want to get everyone excited about the future of driving by diving into what BlueCruise is and why everyone should want their new or used cars to eventually have technology like this.

A Deeper Look At BlueCruise

As mentioned above, Ford BlueCruise is a hands-free driving system that will steer your new or used car for you, to keep it in your lane at a pace you are comfortable with. BlueCruise utilizes cameras and radar-sensing technology to monitor your area and surroundings and keep you driving safely, while adding comfort and freedom to the already superior experience of driving Ford vehicles.

Addressing Safety Concerns

When visiting our Kansas City car dealership to shop new and used cars, the first question or concern most potential customers have is about the safety of a hands-free driving system. This is a fair concern; people have manually steered and controlled cars since they were first released, and completely abandoning that control is an uncomfortable thought.

However, Ford has made sure to refine the safety of BlueCruise vehicles and believes that if the technology is used correctly, your safety will be improved by using BlueCruise. Other measures taken by Ford to ensure the safety of drivers include:

  • Restricted Use: BlueCruise can only be used on pre-approved BlueCruise roads called “Hands-Free Blue Zones” that cover 100,000 miles across North America. This is to ensure that drivers are only driving hands-free in areas that Ford can verify are completely safe to do so. Ford wants drivers fully engaged when necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.
  • Rigorous On-Road Test Drives: BlueCruise technology was tested for over 500,000 miles of on-road driving across 37 states of the U.S. and five Canadian provinces. This not only tested the vehicles driving tendencies and allowed Ford to perfectly refine the technology, but it also allowed the technology to become acclimated to many different driving patterns and weather environments, ensuring there’s nothing BlueCruise hasn’t seen before.
  • Regular Updates: As with any other technology, BlueCruise is always updating and improving to maximize the driving experience. Updates happen seamlessly over-the-air and work to ensure you’re always getting the best possible experience.

Try BlueCruise at Our Kansas City Car Dealership: Zeck Ford

Zeck Ford is the first Ford car dealership in Kansas City that you should look for new or used cars equipped with BlueCruise technology.

Browse our inventory online – but remember that we’re excited to see you in person at 4501 S. 4th St. in Leavenworth. Let us to treat you to the Zecksperience, our customer service philosophy that promises:

  • Upfront pricing; the price listed is the price you pay.
  • Personal shoppers, not commissioned salespeople, who are dedicated only to helping you find a vehicle you’ll love to own and drive.
  • A thorough 120-point vehicle inspection of every vehicle on our lot; if it doesn’t meet our high standards, we don’t want it!
  • The ability to buy a vehicle from your home, office, or while on vacation! We can even deliver the vehicle to you, depending on where you live. (Contact us to learn more.)

The Zecksperience removes all of the elements that turn buyers off to the car shopping process. Shop your new and used cars with no hassle, no stress, and no pressure at your Kansas City Ford Dealer, Zeck Ford.

Not Just A Kansas City Car Dealership

On top of our immaculate car-buying experience, we have an award-winning Ford service department that is happy to repair and maintain your vehicle.

We take pride in superior customer service and quality work that we achieve through having the most professional and well-trained staff at a Kansas City Ford Service Center. Our average technician tenure is nine years, and we even have some team members with more than 25 years of experience here at our Kansas City Ford service center!

Schedule service online, or contact our service center with any questions at (844) 645-5448.

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