What to Consider When Choosing a Car Dealership for your Next New Car

September 12th, 2018 by

2018 Ford F-150 in Kansas City

While a new vehicle purchase should be a new, exciting, prominent milestone, an incredible adventure to embark on for the next several years, a significant number of buyers do not feel this way during and shortly following the purchasing process. Our goal here at Zeck Ford is to ensure that you will not feel this way making your next purchase because our top priority is you. We guarantee that when you choose us, we not only deliver on our commitments to you, we deliver more than them. If you are not one hundred percent satisfied with your experience here with us, then we are not even one percent satisfied.

No-Haggle Sales Staff

Ask anyone in America, and they will say that the most strenuous, headache-inducing, unpleasant part of purchasing a new vehicle is the price negotiation. For decades, car salespeople have been relentless in pushing people to purchase vehicles that in some cases are not right for them. People feel like they cannot drive up to a dealership and take a glance around without a sea of car salespeople coming at them like hungry piranhas!

We’re here to send that stereotype and tradition packing. Here at Zeck Ford, you can have peace of mind that you will not be pushed into anything that you are not one hundred percent certain you want to do.

How do we do this you ask? The top reason for other salespeople to sell things without giving a second thought to the customer and their needs and preferences is due to gaining a commission on all sales. At Zeck Ford, commission based sales people are left far in the past where they belong, and the honest truth is that in the end, commission based sales staff are not the most effective way to run a dealership.

We promise that our price point has already been set at the lowest price point obtainable prior to you stepping foot on our lot. We respect your time and want to skip over the entire dreadful endeavor of haggling on a price. Eliminating this time-consuming task from both yours and our agendas, we have more time to devote to understanding and covering every detail of your needs.

Premium and Extensive Inventory

Not only are our staff fully devoted to listening comprehending what you came to us for, we also possess the paramount inventory of vehicles from which to select. Obtaining this highly diversified stock of vehicles empowers us to have a perfect match for every buyer. Because we are a Ford dealership, we boast the most superior and premier new Ford vehicle releases, so that we have the best of the best to offer our buyers. Not only that, we also pride ourselves on a colossal selection of used Ford vehicles at a virtually matchless value so that we are only offering our buyers the best bang for their buck.

Aside from just Ford vehicles, we also have a collection of used inventory that is of other makes and models because we do not want to limit our buyers in any way. Our used vehicle experts are experienced and highly knowledgeable about all makes and models of vehicles to ensure that all of your questions are answered and needs are met.

Need to Trade In or Trade Up?

For buyers who are looking to trade in a vehicle, we at Zeck Ford have you covered. We can ensure that what we offer for your trade-in vehicle is the most superior appraisal of your vehicles monetary worth. Giving you the top dollar value of your trade-in is our prime commitment. We want to be sure that you are fully satisfied with the value presented for your vehicle and will stop at nothing to deliver this to you quickly and easily.

The way we are able to give such a higher value price point for your trade-in in contrast to other dealerships is that we have eliminated the middleman from our trade to sell process. This enables us to provide you with the same value that we receive from your trade-in, so there is no question or doubt that you are not getting the best payout for your trade-in vehicle.

Comprehensive Used Vehicle Service Inspection

At Zeck Ford, we want nothing other than the absolute best on our sales lot for our buyers. With used vehicles, this can only be accomplished in one way. We have a 120-point intensive inspection ran on each and every vehicle prior to even thinking about placing it on our lot and website. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to our used vehicles, and we go in-depth on every aspect of a used car. You can rest assured that if you see it on our lot and on our website, it has been thoroughly combed through for any problems and imperfections and that everything we have discovered is presented to you before even talking about purchasing the vehicle.

We want to offer you full transparency with our used inventory and conducting such a vigorous and extensive inspection on each and every vehicle is the only way that we can achieve this will full certainty. You can buy used here at Zeck with full peace of mind, knowing that all the I’s have been dotted and all the T’s have been crossed.

Top Notch Service Center

Here at Zeck Ford, we have a full-service center in order to meet any and every need of our customers post-purchase. We offer full maintenance services at the lowest prices with staff with the utmost expertise in this area. Our service staff is knowledgeable and experienced, allowing for the job to be done in a timely manner correctly and accurately the first time so that you have no recurrences again in the future. We have a full tire center that is supplied by the most prestigious tire manufacturers in the world. We inventory tires from Firestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, Uniroyal, and several others to ensure that you will only receive the best quality of tires for your vehicle.

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