Which Ford Vehicles Have Four-Wheel Drive and Why You Need It

October 24th, 2022 by

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Should You Be Test Driving 4WD Vehicles At Your Kansas City Ford Dealership? YES!

Many drivers are starting to expect their car to have more safety features to protect their families on the road. One of the main features that new car shoppers look for is four-wheel drive. This unique drivetrain system provides additional traction and other benefits to equipped vehicles.

We’ll take a deeper look at four-wheel drive and what it adds to your vehicle as well as some Ford vehicles that come equipped with this essential safety feature.

What Does Four-Wheel Drive Add To Ford Vehicles?

Commonly seen in larger cars like trucks and SUVs, four-wheel drive is the feature that allows cars to drive in many different terrains including:

  • Desert sand dunes
  • Rocks
  • Small bodies of water
  • Ice and snow

Four-wheel drive systems utilize mechanical connections to provide power to the front, center, and rear differentials. Working with transfer cases and couplings, the electrical connections help provide extra torque to each wheel individually, improving traction and control.

Although there are other traction systems on the market, four-wheel drive is the most powerful, allowing for the most extreme off-roading possible. Additionally, four-wheel drive often comes standard with different settings that personalize the experience. Different ranges provide adequate traction in all environments to only use what you need in the conditions you are traveling.

However, keep in mind that four-wheel drive vehicles tend to experience reduced fuel efficiency. If this is a dealbreaker for you, all-wheel drive or a similar traction control system may be a better fit.

Which New Cars From Ford Have Four-Wheel Drive Options?

Ford has answered the call when it comes to options to choose from that offer four-wheel drive capabilities. Head to a dealership near you and test drive one of these Ford vehicles that comes equipped with superior tractions and control.

  • 2021 EcoSport: Intelligent four-wheel drive available
  • 2022 Bronco & Bronco Sport: Standard 4×4 capability with Terrain Management System (TMS) featuring seven G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Terrain) modes
  • 2022 Explorer: Intelligent four-wheel drive with TMS available
  • 2022 Expedition: Optional four-wheel drive
  • 2022 Ranger: Optional four-wheel drive
  • 2022 F-150: Historically known for its four-wheel drive system found standard in most trim levels

With so many options to explore across all types of vehicles, it’s easy to get a taste of four-wheel drive and the difference in having it on your new car.

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