Why Ford Continues to Outperform the Competition

June 11th, 2018 by

Why Ford Continues to Outperform the Competition

When you’ve got a good thing going on, you don’t want to do anything differently. That’s the way it is with Ford. We’ve had a good thing going on for years, and the only changes we make are improvements to the already trusted, reliable line of cars, trucks, and SUVs we sell.

Whether it’s new or used vehicles, Fords are a top choice among customers in the Kansas City area for so many reasons. Even though there are other top brands, like Honda and Chevrolet, Ford continues to outperform the competition in both new and used vehicles and has been doing so for a long time.

Why does Zeck choose to focus on selling Fords to customers in Kansas City? There are so many reasons why Ford is the #1 choice for Zeck and for car buyers in the Kansas City area. Here are some of the reasons why Ford’s new and used cars outperform the competition every single time.

5 Reasons Why Ford Outperforms Its Competitors Every Time

Safety features

All Fords are equipped with the top safety features in the industry, which is why it receives top ratings across the board. No matter whether it’s an SUV, car, or truck, every Ford is equipped with the safety features that not only are our customers looking for, but that are the highest in the industry, every year.


Ford has a reputation for making the most reliable cars, trucks, and SUVs in the industry, thanks to the high quality of parts in each and every vehicle made, along with the rigorous testing standards that each vehicle goes through during development every single year. Our customers love that they can trust their Ford vehicle, no matter the model or year, to last a lifetime and to withstand even the toughest conditions and incidents.


Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs are always equipped with the latest technology, because Ford knows how important it is to our customers in this day and age. When customers purchase a new Ford, they can trust that the latest technology is added to make the value of the car worth it and to keep them up-to-date and connected. This is one of the most important areas in all of Ford’s builds, and it makes sure to always introduce cutting edge technology every single year it makes vehicles.

Trim features

There are so many different trim features in every single one of the vehicles Ford makes, because it wants to meet and exceed all of our customers’ every needs. Ford wants all of their vehicles to feel like they are custom-made for each individual customer, so it always has the latest and greatest trim features for every one of the Ford models, every year. Whether it’s leather seats, a stylish interior, or LCD monitors, Ford wants our customers to feel impressed with the little details in all of our vehicles to make for the most enjoyment possible.

Drive for excellence

Behind everything at Ford, it is laser focused on creating excellent vehicles that really wow the customers, beyond their wildest expectations. With every model and year, Ford focuses on creating the best vehicle possible, which is why it has extremely high standards. By keeping its standards high, car buying customers know that they can expect the best from Ford every single time, which is why it continues to outperform the competition.

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