Your Essential Summer Road Trip Packing List

May 20th, 2021 by

Ford SUV for road trips

Hit the Highway in Your Used or New Ford SUV from Your Kansas City Ford Dealership, Zeck Ford

After the past year staying at home, you’re no doubt looking forward to your family’s annual road trip. Since you’re out of practice preparing for such a long drive to a favorite or new vacation destination, Zeck Ford is here to help ensure that you’re prepared.

First, you need to make sure that you and your family are comfortable in your vehicle. That may mean that it’s time to buy a new Ford SUV from us, your Kansas City Ford dealership. Then, load up your luggage and other necessities into your new Ford Explorer, Escape, Edge, or Fusion Hybrid, and get started creating new memories.

To make sure your road trip goes smoothly, we’ve put together a lengthy list of items you might want to ensure are packed in your Ford SUV before you head down the open road with your family.

The Basics

You probably never drive your vehicle without these items in the first place, but we thought it was worthwhile to mention them so that they don’t get overlooked or accidentally removed from the car to make space while you pack.

  • Your driver’s license. Getting an hour down the road and realizing you’re missing this vital document is disheartening to say the least.
  • Car registration and insurance information. You don’t want to be without these if you get pulled over.
  • Car manual. Take it along so you can reference it in case you need to do some emergency car maintenance or repairs.
  • Spare car key. Unless you want to call an expensive locksmith when you inevitably lock yourself out of your car, a spare key on a different key ring is a lifesaver. Similarly, bring along the phone number to your roadside assistance service, just in case.
  • Spare tire. Don’t forget the jack and tools that you’ll need to change a flat.
  • Flashlight. You never know when car trouble will strike, or when you or a family member might drop something important into the deepest, darkest orifices of the car interior.
  • Cash. Withdraw paper money and coins to pay for parking meters, tolls, or for services or food at locations that don’t accept plastic. (Yes, they still exist.)
  • Emergency credit card. If you need to make a big purchase or pay an expensive bill, you’ll be prepared without immediately draining your bank account.
  • Electronic toll pass. Having one will save you time and money as you drive on toll roads.

Car Safety Supplies

  • Hands-free phone mount. Holding your smartphone in your hand while you use the GPS function is dangerous. A phone mount frees up your hands and keeps your map in sight.
  • Car phone charger. Be sure you bring along a cable compatible with all your devices.
  • Quart of oil and jug of coolant or water. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Wiper fluid. Refill your wiper fluid tank before you leave, but bring along some extra fluid, just in case.
  • Portable gas container. Never let your tank drop below a quarter full on a road trip, but this container gives you peace of mind in case you miscalculate mileage.
  • Emergency car kit. Don’t be without a pair of jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, and more.
  • First aid kit. Buy a premade one at your local store, or assemble your own following Red Cross guidelines.

Interior Necessities

  • A garbage bag. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a spare grocery sack works well to collect trash in the car so you can’t throw it away at the end of your driving day.
  • Roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You never know what you may find at a rest stop, or you may not be able to make it to one in time.
  • Baby wipes, tissues, and napkins. The paper products you should bring run the gamete.
  • Cooler. Pack plenty of drinks and snacks, so you can minimize the number of stops you need to make and save money.
  • Trunk organizer. Get one properly sized to fit between seats or in the cargo area of your SUV, so everything you bring along is easy to find and within reach.
  • Travel neck pillow and throw blanket. When passengers get grumpy, gently suggest taking a nap and offering up these necessities for drifting off to sleep.
  • Travel mugs and cups. Sturdy reusable drinkware protects the interior of your far from spills courtesy of weak to-go cups from the gas station or fast food restaurants.

The Great Outdoors

Umbrella. You don’t want to be caught outside of your car during a summer shower.
Bug spray. If you get out to stretch your legs, keep the no-see-ums from biting. You don’t want to be itchy for the second or third leg of your trip!

Zeck Ford is Kansas City’s Source for New and Used SUVs

If you have to carry all of this along, you’ll most definitely want to take your next road trip in a spacious SUV that the whole family is comfortable in.

Shop for the latest new SUVs for sale, like the just-released 2021 Ford Explorer, or opt for a gently used one that has passed our rigorous 120-point inspection. Take on your next road trip with confidence, thanks to Zeck Ford in Leavenworth, Kansas.

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